Saturday, May 19, 2012

hee hee

I needed a good laugh
and this provided one.

I'm frazzled and burned, torched and worn out after a whirlwind week and then a day out on the soccer fields (from 10 am to almost 3...but I cheated and left early with Molly and Levi).

It was so. hot.
I'm not complaining. for real. because I like the hot and sun.
right next to the pool.

lots to blog about, but I gotta go steal some pix from my brother.
I also need a shower after working outside after soccer and then finished Day 2 of Stage 9 of Run Your "Bum" off...35 min, walking 8, running 27. Praising and worshiping and hoping I make it.

To God be the glory.
I am not ashamed.
Good night.

praying for you my blog friends...everyone one of you, as I remember you throughout each day.
love and warm fuzzies (I typed fussies first. isn't that just too funny??? because I've been pretty fussy all day. ask my kids and hubby. no, don't actually....)


Tesha said...

How Awesome your running your bum off :)LOL I love the picture I could use that often!I sure know about crazy weeks we are in the last week of home school, THANK THE LORD!!!! I will take your Love and fussies heeeheeee :)

HelenaHandbag said...

That's too good -- because I have said some things I wish I hadn't out of hunger. LOL. One gets grumpy when one gets hungry, right. ;)

Laurie and company said...

Yah for you, Tesha!! that is sooo great. We will, unfortunately, be doing some form of schooling all through the summer but organized schooling is on hiatus. On to school by the pool. Hugs sweetness!
Wendy, I can't even imagine you saying a grumpy thing, hungry or not! but yes!! you are so right...or PMSy.
Miss your face. <3