Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long overdue, right, Tory?

goobs that I love dearly.

Jewett clan: in Indy for a quick visit from CO. Eric, Carrie, Wyatt, Sophia, Emmy and Maximus.  Love these people! 

Taking a pic of Carrie, taking a pic of us.

David, harassing Wyatt.

Will, Mel and Emmy

Ethan, sharing useless facts with Sophia. She's a good sport. notice his hands are moving...

Molls with Emmy

the main men of our families.

My Young Piano Recitalers

Is that a clip on?

Are you ready, Melanie?
This pic and the following pic were taken by my lovely friend, Charmaine's hubby, Ryan.  Thank you very much, guys! Your view was much better than mine. And so was your camera. :)


This was my view and my furry camera

Annie K....

Our lovely piano instructor/teacher/master, Leslie Stiles. She is a gift. And so incredibly stylish.

These little dears were at our soccer games last Saturday. Don't make me  tell you the corny joke I made in reference to her # of ducklings. Let's see if you can come up with my cheesy joke on your own. I dunno. I may be crazy.

The yellow flowers are from Will and the peonies are from my garden.  

Grandma Taylor had the most amazing peony bush right by the entrance to the gated pool, my whole growing up in MI life. I didn't realize how much I loved them or missed them till I met Tammy K., who has a plethora of these bushes in her lovely yard. I got brave two years ago and planted some of my own. She gave me a starter for Jack's garden, which will surely give us more of these amazingly beautiful, how can you deny there is a Creator, flowery gifts next spring.

just one of the pots of flowers. 

one of the peony bushes and where all of the dirt is, along the block wall, will be explosions of zinnias and other random things I planted last weekend. I can hardly wait. This is, by far, my most favorite time of year at my house.

My poor, neglected, overgrown garden plot...I tackled it tonight and there are 5 tomato plants and two pepper plants safely tucked into this space tonight. I am ahead of the game this year....praying for a good showing.

And this is for you, David, my out of town sweetheart...I know this blog post will show up on your phone and you may view this here is a pic of your adorable Outback. I'd like to say Subey (aka Sue B) misses you but she doesn't. She actually likes me a lot. and the feelings are very mutual.

good evening....
I have a lot to catch up on here but quite frankly, I'm plum-tuckered tonight.

~I planted today.
~We cleaned out the pool (aka pond, more like it) and got it half filled. Now I need to figure out how to get the new filter/pump thingamajig working again. it's a mystery every year.
~I was home, mostly, all day today. I loved every minute. mostly. but really, yes.
~We grilled out tonight. I made fresh salsa too....oh. my. word.
~Levi got sunburned.
~Will and Ethan frantically finished up their end of year work for World Literature.
~Mel stayed up with the K girls all night, coming home to a full day here...go Mel!
~Molly fell asleep really early and boy, was it nice!!
~I took a late evening walk with my adorable neighbor, Tashena and her little bundle, Tucker. I even got to hold him, with salsa breath and all.
~Now I'm finally blogging, I'd started earlier in the day but the Mac was overtaken by my working boys.

Praying tonight for my cousin Tory, who is probably waiting for a handwritten letter from me and some sign of life...but until I can get that finished, please PLEASE please know that you and your parents are fixtures in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm also praying and burdened for my friend, Christine...please pray for this dear wife of Matt and momma to 3 strapping young men. Not sure of the prognosis but it's not too positive. Praying for you, Kinman family.

Going to bed on the eve of Jack's 46th Thursday with Jesus Christ and a heavy heart for hurting people.  If I've communicated with you in one way, shape or form, then you are on my list. Tesha, Annette, Melody, Tory, Tashena.

Go listen to MercyMe's song "Hurt and the Healer" (or is it The Hurt and The Healer??? I dunno.)

So glad that I am hiding in the Lord. Good night all.


Tesha said...

Thank you for the prayers! I have been really sad. I just keep thinking if get through this week and it will be better. When I feel really bad I think of Annette and stop my wining and start praying! I love the message to David, it made me smile:) I am saying a prayer for the Kinman family. Thanks again for your love and support. You are one lovely lady and I am so thankful we have "met" :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,
Just wanted you to know I am prayin for you. Also, spring has finally come to our area!! Yeah! We still have a ginormous snow pile out back, but it is gone everywhere else. Flowers and trees are blooming. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I looked earlier today, but I didn't catch the update. Oops, but it is balm to my soul to have found it tonight. Glad that Shellee has snow, and I am praying for the Kinmans. And, no, I am not that unreasonable to expect a blog and a handwritten note. I just write because it is easier for me, especially in this place. The recital and playgroundlooks like fun. And, I must be dense, I couldn't figure out your clever joke for the foul. Oh well, it could be sleep deprivation. Oh,and I like your flowers, too!

Hug and prayers on this, of all days, Thursday,

Anonymous said...

Well, who is the idiot? Me, that's who...I meant to say glad that Shellee has spring!

Love, Tory