Tuesday, May 22, 2012

catch up.

This past Saturday was National Lemonade Stand Day. Since it was scorching hot out at the soccer games, we decided to visit our lovely friends' stand....Here you see the Nowacki's, shortly after making our Lemon Shake Ups, fair style. boy, did that hit the spot.
Molly with Baron, Mrs. Stiles' adorable pooch. He weighs 4 lbs.  Molly is in love.
This past weekend was a very Avengers-friendly time...Ethan went to see it with Tom, for his 16th birthday (which was, lemme remind you, in February. but he wanted to wait for his evening out with Tom when the Avengers came out). Sunday night, David, Will, Mel, Levi and I went to see it. We had such a blast and it was definitely worth the time and money, in my feeble opinion. that Captain America....Hulk was my fave tho...oh and Hawkeye. Thor's pretty neat-o too, with Iron Man, being my least fave because Robert Downey Jr. is just difficult to process.
We opened the pool last week and the impatient kiddies began swimming instantly.

Good Tuesday Morning!
I have not forgotten my dear blog but I will have to blog more later.

I wanted to get some pix on here for my dears.
Tory, praying for you...hoping momma is improving more every day.
Tesha, thinking of you constantly...hoping you are keeping your eyes up.
Christine K., the girl I asked you to pray for, needs continued prayer.
I will be back.


Natalie said...

Hm. I've heard that Avril song a lot...never with that mindset though. :(
I <3333 lemon shake ups!

Tashena said...

Yay for another post on ye ole lost blog...
Just kidding. ;)
Maybe we can shoot for another walk soon since ypu don't answer texts... haha of course!!!
Can't wait for another post...


Tesha said...

That Lemonade stand is AWESOME! Love the pool wish I could bring the kids over for a swim ;)Thanks for the love I realllly needed it today.

Anonymous said...

Love the puppy, the lemonade stand, and the pool! I love living vicariously. Mom's definitely stronger, but I will go into detail under separate cover. Hugs,Tory