Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the eve of this 45th Thursday....

I've really appreciated this. Lori Weatherly is a contributing writer on this e-mag. Her column is called "Beauty Marks".
I look forward to receiving great encouragement from these gifted writers, who've endured loss and infertility.
Another page that has offered encouragement to me on FB is The Empty Chair.
Pictures like this will pop up when I need them most.
it's ok to fall apart, or so I hear.
I'm there, this week.
rough week all the way around.

Some prayer requests:
My cousin Tory and her family
My friend, Shellee, all the way over in Japan, whose maternal Grandma just left this earth for glory.
My somewhat stressed husband.

So many prayer requests. So many hurting people...
People all over the place, anticipating horrible things or not knowing that horrible things are going to happen.
This was me last year...clueless.
I look at the pics that Nat took and yes, I was anxious, but I knew in my heart, that all would be well.

And while things didn't turn out as I expected them to.

far, far from what my expectations could have been.

I have hope.
And things are turning out better than I could have expected in those dark days after Jack's death.

I have seen things that I would've never seen if Jack hadn't left earth the way he did.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.

I saw this on a sign.

I love it.

It's my motto for the coming year, the second year without sweet Jack here with us.

I'm living with an amputation.
I will heal.
But part of me will always be missing.

Thank You, Lord, for taking us to new heights.
Thank You for the people You use to re-light the fire of hope.
My Hope is in You.

no one else.

You alone are God.

note: is it really the 45th Thursday?? it amazes me how much my brain fogs much I forget from moment to moment. I was bad before June 30, 2011 but now, even 10+ months later, I'm still bad. worse. I need to have a Sharpie marker surgically implanted somewhere on my body so I can write reminders...pray for me.


Tesha said...

Laurie, I was thinking of you and wondering how you are. I am crying listing to this beautiful song on your blog, a good cry. You know that cry after your heart is hard and mad and then the tears flow and you realize your just sad not really any thing else. I love that song, it is the first time I have heard it. I am saying a prayer for your cousin and your friend, it is so sad to watch people we love suffer. I have to tell I feel like you do I will never be the same, yet somehow really better more compassionate to suffering, loss and pain. I know God uses ALL thing for good, I just wish for both of us it did not hurt so bad. Praying for you friend, I am so glad to have wonderful strong women to walk beside me on this path. You are an inspiration even if you do not feel like it, even if you fall apart, we are allowed :) I am so blessed to see your testimony. (HUGS)

Facets of Life said...

Oh sweet friend, I LOVE your motto :

I'm living with an amputation.
I will heal.
But part of me will always be missing.

And as I read about the amputation, I am reminded that amputees often have phantom pains... oh how this just put some things in a new light for me...

Love to you dear one!

One day closer... xoxo!

Laurie and company said...

man, Lori, I hadn't thought of that either. profound! love to you too, amazing one. xoxo

Tesha, I just don't even have any words eloquent enough to reply to your beautiful comment. I, too, am so very thankful to have women like you, Lori and others, on this tumultuous path. Means so much to me.
Praying for you, dear. your words and encouragement mean more to me than I can adequately express. You too, LW.

love you both xoxo