Friday, October 21, 2011

Friends from far away and memorials

Becky with sweet Grace

Soooo great to see you after all these years, Shellee. Such a comfort and encouragement you've been to me, even from across the globe. Please pray for this dear one and her sweet baby girl, Grace, who is pictured above with my they fly back to Japan next week.
I didn't expect to see this today but what a ?pleasant? surprise. as far as surprises go...and all. I mean, I'm still pretty surprised that my baby isn't here. the ultimate surprise.

Today was a wonderful day...I woke up early (for me) and headed to Sbux to meet Shellee, Grace (her first daughter after 8 strapping, handsome young men), Denise, her beautiful kids, Levi and Ema. The effort that was made for that meeting was not of this world. Shellee, you may not read this for a time but seeing you was just amazing, such comfort and joy to me to get to see you after all these years. So glad to get to hug you and meet your beautiful baby girl! Denise, thank you so much for facilitating the get two have been such a blessing to me anyways, but in the past few months, since Jack left, your encouraging words and prayers have held me up. God is good. all the time. We will be praying for safety for you and Grace as you head back to your men.

I was out running errands and thought, "Hmmm, since it is such a lovely day and it's been so poopy outside all week, I shall go visit Jack's grave." As I walked up the hill to his site, tears hit, as they do...and then it hit me...his stone and bronze plaque are here!! After a few moments of tears and prayers, I cleaned up his spot and headed to the Forest Lawn office to retrieve his temporary marker. I was so excited to get to put it in JOY's garden.

They can't find it.


Jay, the guy that helped us on that July 1 day...told me he'd order a replacement. Somehow that didn't console me like it maybe should have. He said he'd look thru the 200 stones in their garage and let me know but a new one is on order.

nothing like a punch in the gut, ya know? it's bad enough my little guy isn't here, could you at least make sure you hang onto our temporary for us? and hey, maybe even call us to tell us his official stone was in? yeah, no call.

I'm trying not to be peeved about this because in the whole scheme of my life, this is small.

it really just makes me chuckle.
because if I don't chuckle, I will cry again.

Thanks Mom, Dad, Jen, for coming down to sit with me Wed. night.
Thanks to all of my people, all around me, who find ways to pray, encourage, remember JOY, find things that say JOY on them and just plain ol' loving me and letting me talk about my sweet boy and the situation that has changed my life forever, and the lives of Jack's dad, and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and relatives and friends.

I have soooo many thank you notes to write. I've gotten started and I just want all of the people that fed us, sent us remembrances etc in the past few months, to know just how much we love and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I am still blown away.

praising God for the gift of people.

Happy Weekend to You!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you got to see Shellee and Grace! How amazing that visit must have been with so much to catch up on. And, I just love little Grace's cheeks. She looks so wise. ;)

Hope that you have an amazing weekend, Tory

Laurie and company said...

isn't that just the coolest thing?? I was really hoping I'd be able to catch up with her while she was in the States and thanks to our mutual friend, Denise, she made it happen. (thanks Denise!!!)

Grace is a very wise little laid back and adorable.

I hope you are having a pleasanter than expected weekend also, my dear cousin!! hugs hugs hugs

Amy said...

Laurie, is Jack buried in "baby land" @ Forrest Lawn? That's where my Riley is too :)