Monday, October 17, 2011

cute little nieces and a quick update

Nora Jean 4 years
sweet little munchkin

Piper Elizabeth 7 years
precious little lady

I always love school picture time. Ours is a little more hit or miss but not Gray Road Christian Schools! They are ON IT, man!!

I will try to be a good schoolmarm and get some "official", "for the record" kinds of pix of my offspring onto my beloved blog. I know you are just chomping at the bit for them.

David, Will and Ethan are heading over to his parents' house for 3 sleeps. Mel, Levi, Molly and I have great big plans: cover the pool, go to a scrappin' event at Tonya's, Levi gets to spend the night with Aunt Sherry and Uncle John, Zoo with Beck and the girls above, we may even fit some school in.

I will definitely aim to get one of my posts up that I mentioned last week. I am a force to be reckoned with right now, here, there, everywhere.

Happy Monday to YOU!

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say thank you for taking time out of your busy life to post such cute pix and insight into your day?! Things around here are a little overwhelming right now; so, it's nice to get an extra piece of sunshine from you. I can picture my self at your house for a couple of sleeps, scrapbooking, and helping to cover the pool. You know, I come with qualifications?

By the way, I will probably be signing in anonymous for the time being. I have to google acocunts, and the one for school doesn't allow me to participate in blogging. So, until I figure out how to get around it, I will just sign my posts for sure.

Hugs, to you cousin, Tory