Thursday, October 20, 2011

hello Thursday...

16 Thursdays ago...
Jack took off for Glory and left me with this mushy body and nothing to show for it.

Hello on this dreary, depressing, a lot like my mood kinda day, week.

David, Will and Ethan have been gone to Illinois since Monday. Should I expound on this?
I will say this...I realize who fills up my schedule the most. And I also realize who makes all the messes.


it has been a rough few days. I have absolutely NO get up and go.
I cry for no apparent reason. 

well, I mean, the reason is apparent to me...and I pray most folks understand that this is where I'm at right now.
I still know where Jack is.

but I still want him here. and I hear stories about other people, babies, whatever....

and I just feel mad.

Then God, the Holy Spirit, redirects me to that place where I know HE is in control and that He has a plan.

He will be glorified.
I will rest in that.

Hope is born of suffering.

Have a JOYFUL Thursday.


never forgotten


Anonymous said...

The thing that is so sad but so beautiful at the same time? Pregnancy #6 is the one that you were able to document the most like it was a beautiful reminder of all of your pregnancies. Just so sad that we aren't able to spoil and love on little one #6. It makes me sick and angry, too. But, then, I also think would it be any easier to let him go after a year or two or even 15? I was reading a devotional the other day by a man that lost his child when she was 16, and he still grieves noticeably 5 years later. Or, I have a cousin on my grandfather's side that got killed in a car accident at 16. It affected her parents, but, thankfully, they have found ways to help keep her spirit alive like you are doing. Then, there are those numerous people that just blame God always and become bitter.

So, it's good to grieve. Just keep doing all of the positive things that you are doing, too.

Hugs and prayers, Tory

Laurie and company said...

thank you, Tory...I always so appreciate your see things in such a fresh, pure way and it's usually very timely.
I was on the treadmill when I read your comment tonight and it made me cry. in a good way.

thank you for the encouragement. and hugs, prayers, fun cards you send, hilarious (contrary to your popular belief) letters that I just absolutely LOVE!

even with all that thesis talk and's so neat to hear what you are up to, what you do and that someone my age is so uber intelligent! Go ToRy!

have a great, if not busy, weekend. Love you!

before I forget...YES, we are having our harvest heart is NOT in it. and I have no clue what I will be dressing up as. if anything!