Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Henry Ford Museum...part I

I have a strange preoccupation with Abraham Lincoln and slaves. I am particularly drawn to really tall guys. David is not super tall but he's just right at 6 foot. Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke is particularly tall.

Ok, I'm not really sure what my point was in that...but looking at the Abe Lincoln displays at the Ford Museum just brought this preoccupation with tallness to the forefront of my warbly, cuckoo mind.

I think Abraham Lincoln was pretty cool. I like that he was in office when slavery was abolished.

There is no connection to anything I'm blogging tonight. I just wanted to start getting my MI pics up on here and will caption them at a later date, for Melanie and I are taking advantage of our girl time and we are beginning to Smash in our Smash books. What fun is this?? Molly just diarrhea-ed in her Pull-Up, after bouncing from the chair to the couch and back again. I was really hoping she'd fall asleep a bit ago, but no. She'd obviously snuck some of my coffee. ack.

David and the big boys are in Illinois till Thursday.
Levi is at Aunt Sherry and Uncle John's for the night...Mel and I got a good work out in at the YMCA. I have absolutely no motivation, whatsoever, to do anything out of the ordinary. Heck, even ordinary things seem to be too much for me right now. I'm not sure what's going on...if this is the stage of grief that I'm in...I am at a complete loss. Life is beautiful...Bring the Rain...look up the lyrics to that MercyMe song...it's playing on my playlist to the right...a beautiful song. perfect. especially today with this chilly rain.

fits my mood to a T.

Off to Smash with my patient, loving 13 year old girl. Adios!

Miss you, Sweet Jack.


Anonymous said...

Yay, a new post and with pix of the Young offspring. I noticed that Levi wasn't tilting his head in any of these pix; but, I was thinking the other day. Do you think that when he gets married, and his bride walks down the aisle, that he will tilt his head? I am willing to bet on that one. Just had a funny thought (since that one is kind of sweet)...wonder if he will break out his "binoculars", too?

Enough of that, I can't wait to hear what Smashing is and just how it all went. It sounds like Moo was into a bit more than coffee (w/the loose poopy). Oh well, she probably was just making sure that she could stay awake so that she wouldn't miss girls night in.

Hope that you have a simply wonderful day and that you can break out of this funk. Wait, isn't this a normal time for your "Fall funk" anyway? Just thinking. Despite being in your funk, you still manage to bring many joys to my life, and I am sure many other people.

Love you cousin, Tory

Laurie and company said...

He may not have been tilting his noggin but did you see some of those expressions on that boy's face?? cracking me right up!
Remind me to remind him to do the binoculars at his wedding, k? I definitely want to live to see that moment! hilariousssssssss.
As for Sybil...ahhhh Sybil. She. wears. me. out. I love her so much but she is at such a challenging age. I guess I deserve it, considering that as an infant, 1.) she actually lived and 2.) she was an amazingly cute and content girl. :) she finally fell asleep in the tent that we have up in the living room. You should have seen me trying to pull her out. yikes.
Your words always make me tear up. I pray the funk ends soon but I think it's hunkering down for a while...I'm at such a weird, new, odd place in my life. I cry very easily. thank you for being kind and for visiting my blog, dear cousin.
I will try to continue to bring JOY and to live JOY and will always miss JOY.
love you, busy girl...hang in there.

Brittany said...

I enjoy most things Civil War era. You guys should TOTALLY take a trip to Springfield, IL and see the awesome Lincoln Museum and tour his home. It is really well done and a great place to visit.

Even our puny town has a part of the museum dedicated to Ole' Abe. You should check it out sometime when you're here.