Saturday, October 22, 2011

staircase gallery

eventually, I'd like to have artwork all around the cubby that encases our staircase. Starting now, from the left, next to the red chimney flue, is Melanie's beautiful Van Gogh-inspired flower, Levi's acrylic painting of our house. 3rd, my rendition of Van Gogh's sunflowers and 4th, Levi got all geometric on us...You can't see Molly's painting, which is to the right of Levi's geo painting...I have more to put up but this will do for now. A lovely use of odd space, I do believe.

How are you?

doing well, I do hope.

I've inserted a picture of our new staircase art gallery.

I am really trying to implement art, to some degree, in the kids' school this year.
Mel, Levi, Molly and I did some oil pastels and chalk art last week. I actually think I like it.
Molly did ok, considering her age...but got all moody and temperamental when I helped her or told her she couldn't use one of the art tools. geez.

Anyways, hope you enjoy.

I'm outta here.

choose JOY.


Anonymous said...

Can I commission some art work, too? I absolutely love this idea. You are the coolest mom, teacher, and artistic mind! Cannot wait to see future additions to your gallery. Like you, I like art, but I prefer to have what I like and most times art by those that I know. Or, at least, that has a history behind it.

And, I love that there has been more postings lately. ;)

Many hugs, tory

Anonymous said...

Stopped by for my blogging smile, and while the art work still makes me smile, there wasn't any update. Makes me think that you are uberbusy! Probably getting ready for the big party. Hope that you are having a good week, Picasso.

All the best,

Spiral Staircases said...

Isn't it funny how some nice pictures drawn by family can seem so nice? I have done this in my own home with drawings by my (Not artistic in anyway) 3 year olds pictures.