Monday, August 1, 2011

JOY's Butterfly Garden beginnings...

the frozen placenta at the bottom of freshly dug looks creepy but it was Jack's house for 9 was so cool yet sad to see his cord, the very cord (it's at the bottom of the pic) that ended his sweet life. The tradition is to plant the placenta under a tree to honor the life that it housed. it makes for some nutrient-rich soil, I'm guessing.
it's so cool that God created an organ that our womanly bodies make during pregnancy to protect our babies.
In this picture, Molly asked me if that was my blood. I said yes, it was. She replied, "Gross" and then proceeded to tell me about the FOUR babies in her tummy.

I'm sure I've blogged about this lovely butterfly bush...but just in case I haven't, here goes:
My good friend, Tammy, was on her way to Jack's birth. She wanted to get some flowers for me for after it was all over. But then she saw this awesome bush as she pulled into Home Depot. She nabbed it and headed down to our house...sweet woman. As she pulled into our neighborhood, she was overcome by the Spirit to pray for me, for us.
As she made her way down my street, she came upon the Harrison Township fire truck...

This angel baby, aww, I love from my Uncle Frank and Aunt Nan, Uncle John and Aunt Darlene (my Dad's sibs and their spouses). They brought him, along with two miniature yellow rose bushes, which will join Butterfly Bush this week. I also have a neat JOY garden rock that we got from our friend, Mary (who is also our neighbor and goes to C4 with us).

I think this garden will be a really nice reminder of our little Glory is a work in progress and a labor of love.

yeah, I'd rather have him here but since I can't, we will honor his life with this lovely little plot of earth that we will all tend together.

I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head tonight. it has been especially challenging to make it thru this day. I keep thinking of what JOY would be doing if he was here...he'd be one month old now. I look thru the pix of the night he died and his viewing and my body just aches for that little guy. I know we all do...I don't feel selfish wanting him here but I know he is in an incredible place...He wouldn't want to come back. Can't blame him. it's hot here. we're crabby, getting ready for school things and work and such. He would have been such a nice diversion from the monotony of life.

I miss you, Jack. I want so badly to sniff your sweet peanut head and nibble your toes. Your breath, I'm sure, would be heavenly.



Tory said...

I don't recall having read about the butterfly bush; but, then again, I have been reading your blog through tear goggles these days. How priceless is that, and how special is Tammy. Isn't it amazing how God directs us even when we least realize it. I am sure that the butterflies that come to the bush will be simply beautiful and will be a lovely sight. Maybe some day, I, too, will get to see the lovely bush. Hugs, t

Natalie said...

Mom and I saw a really pretty butterfly the other day. Monarch colors on one side, and blue and black on the other. (Are they always colored like that?) I thought of Jack right away and sent a prayer in your direction.

See you soon. <3

Jodi said...

A great big yellow and black butterfly flitted its way across the front drive yesterday right beside Matthew. Butterflies have taken on a new meaning.
Love you.

Denise said...

Tears of JOY, along with a little sorrow..., for you and yours! Your words truly pierce my heart!

This tragedy that you have shared with us has changed my life ~ I look at my children differently. Thank you for that!

We are continually praying for you...
Love you, Friend!