Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweet Nora Bean!

July 5, 2011

Not too sure she really wants to go to school...

My very favorite first photo of Nora and Molly together. Keep in mind that Heed, aka Molly (lookit that great noggin) is 7 weeks older than Tiny...this picture really just sums it all up! I love our sweet.

June 2008...these baby girls would be inseparable if we'd let 'em be. Though nowadays, Molly would try to mother Nora, boss her around, maybe cut her hair or her clothing, I dunno...I love that they have each other!

On August 26, family, Uncle Tom and I were at Lake MI in we wrote the Bean's name in the sand to remember her!

Christmas stylish!

Christmas 2009 - hanging out in a clothes basket? really? and to think, we just bought you all of those amazing toys for Christmas.

Summer 2009...these expressions...ahhhh, just does not get any better! Molly LOVES celery. oh my, this makes me laugh!

Man, these two make theeee best faces, don't you agree? August 2009. Love these little sillies.

Time to get back to blogging for my loved ones' birthdays...sorry if I've managed to forget yours. (Kara, I'm planning to dig up a pic of you as soon as I post this)

Nora, I will never forget how happy I was when your momma called to tell me that her ultrasound said you'd be coming. A friend for our baby girl, Molly. In November of 2006, when I found out I was prego, I told your momma that she'd probably ought to get pregnant too.

Your momma was always so obedient (shyeah). it was one of my favorite times of my life, being pregnant together, and then finding out we'd both have baby girls. Molly, Gramma and I got to be in the room on August 26th (which just also happens to be one of your momma's best friends birthdays also. Happy Birthday, Amanda!) and it was so exciting when you plopped out. You were so tiny and your mom was wondering where all of your hair was. She'd had bad heartburn the whole time! 5 pounds, 12 ounces of Scott Cunniff are Cunniff thru and thru, no denying who your daddy is! (that was a close one! whew...ha ha. I kid)

I look forward to all of the shenanigans that you and Molly will get into in the coming years. I'm sure Molly will be the ringleader..

We are so glad to have your squeaky little self in our family. Can't wait to celebrate your FOURTH birthday this weekend, sweet girl. I love you and I'm blessed to be your aunt!

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Tory said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nora Bean!

My most favorite picture is the one of the two babies. Nora looks like a wise little baby, and Mollie looks like she is crying because she is afraid of that wise little baby!