Monday, August 8, 2011

JOY comes in the morning

front and back of Jack's bookmark. Let me know if you would like one...

I'm mush...

That part of grief where "they" say the griever is scatterbrained is where I am at. (among other emotions that flare up at the strangest times...)

I've replaced sleepless nights, up with a baby, with pure ditziness. If you know me, you know I can have ditzy moments but this is at a new level.

So, happy Monday...I hope to be blogging again soon.


Tashena said...

Laurie Poo,
You don't seem scatterbrained, Dearie Pie! But you know I guess...

Can't wait to work on your house! WOOHOO! Maybe that will some way. Hope it will be a blessing.

Your Neighbor

Much Grace ~ Great Mercy

Laurie and company said...

you rock, neighbor! thanks for coming over and for the coffee...and gosh, just for being where you are. I love it. I love how God provided you in my life.

you are a blessing. more than you will ever know.

Tory said...

Ditzy? Doesn't that just run in the family?

We love the bookmark. But, everyone wanted to know who made it. I figured that it was you and Mel for sure, but I wasn't sure who else. So, I told them that I would ask.

Continue to think and pray for you...when, I see the multiple butterflies that flit through our yard...when, I am drinking coffee...when, I am picking tomatoes and making salsa...when, I am watching those cute little back-to-school Target commercials (tape that sticks and glitter...lots of glitter)...when, I hear a cow Moo...when, I see an infant...or, when, I am working with recycled Christmas cards that have JOY on them.

Let's just say that if things get any more extreme, they are going to accuse me of obsession and stalking. ;)

BTW, I am still waiting to hear how that scrumptios looking cake was! It was picture perfect, and I am liking your friends.

Hugs and prayers!

HelenaHandbag said...

Well if that's where you're at, love, then you just can be my favorite ditz. Hey, it just occurred to me, we could be a comedy duo -- Ditz & Titz. Now I'm LMAO. Where should we play our first gig?