Monday, March 8, 2010

Twin birthdays and easy like Sunday morning...

while taking "ambience" photos, I caught Natalie throwing out the peace sign. There really isn't a much cuter human female than this little momma to be.

David is the guy without glasses (though the eye doc tested him and said he will need glasses again. bummer) and Matt is the guy with glasses. Do they look like twins to you?

Cool Hand Mel. not so much. we might need to get a pool table so we can tweak the kids' pool skills.

The Party was taking place in that upper lofty place...I am really quite fond of the tin ceiling.

Natalie, all glowy and such...and the rest of 'em...Emilie is in awe of her sister, Nick looks like he's picking his nose, though he wasn't...and Will, well....

Sunday morning, we stopped by Matt's uber cool top floor apartment. Here, he is showing us his favorite gift...yes, that is a take and bake Pyrex dish. I was just impressed that it was his fave gift and that he actually knew how to use it and was pretty darned excited about it.

Matt and his lovely lady friend, Katrina.

Twinkies. um, David appears to be taller than Matt here....but as you'll see below...

they are almost exactly the same height...they compare their heights frequently.

Katrina's adorable pooch, Frances, checking Will out.

I won't expound much on the above photos, since I already did.

i will say this...

Molly stayed with Beck and her fam. If you are my friend on Facebook, you surely saw some of the funny photos that B. sent me of Moo in various events. my favorite MMS was the Carwash Horror. I know Moo had fun, in spite of herself. Thanks Beck and Scott. I smooch you...

Levi stayed with my parentals. He is spoiled. That is all i will say about that. thanks Mom, Dad, Tom, for taking such good care of Levner. Hugs to you.

It was nice (stayed in the Drury) and went by too quickly but I'm so appreciative of the help that my family gave...THANK YOU....and for the time we had to just get away. You really realize how much work those littler people take. And how much NOISE. but hey.

We had a great time.

I really shouldn't blog when I'm overly tired. g'night.

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