Monday, March 22, 2010

Hangin' by a thread or so it seems

either Molly is trying to lick her dad's (balding) spot or she's embarrassed because of the annoying game we are playing. I'll go with two. We were doing that weird thing parents do "Where's Molly?" "did we leave her in the resort?" and she responded by doing this weird thing with her tongue. I guess it made her feel less self-conscious. (I used to do weird things like this too)

Ahh, I don't think they want you standing on their fancy shmancy chair, Miss!

even the restrooms at the West Baden Resort were hoity toity...cloth towels, golden filigree mirrors, amazing hexagon tiles on the floor (my faves)...

this was actually on the way down to check out the job at the Springs Valley School. We really enjoy it when this kid sleeps. She's non-stop action and attitude lately. love is a commitment.


How are you? I hope you are well. I really do. We aren't doing so well over here. Stress is an ugly thing. Even good stress takes it's toll.

With all of the changes taking place in our lives on an almost daily basis, it seems, I knew it was a matter of time till it caught up with David and I. He's been under the weather all weekend and it trickles down. Poor fella. Some good decisions have been made regarding his company and it's moving in a most excellent direction, just not as fast as in the movies. ha ha. :) The decision to sell his construction company was a great one. The decision to work on M-F only is an even better one.

It may take time but his dedication and drive tell me that it will happen.

Some fun things happening now, for posterity's sake or for that time when I go back for his records to remember what we were doing at this time...

-Soccer season starts soon and all four of the big kids are playing for one last time at MPCC before Will, and possibly E and Mel join a local, incredibly awesome travel homeschool league called the Thunder! Will is so flip-flappin' excited for some moving up.

-Life is crazy. good crazy. but crazy breeds tempers, anger and no peace so this week, after organizing, Goodwill piling all weekend, I am looking forward to freeing up my/our schedules a bit. Piano, guitar, karate, exercise time, AHG, library service doesn't leave much time to umm, breathe.

I'd keep going, and I know you are curious but I just realized the time and I'm supposed to meet my sista at the Y with my girlies!

Happy Monday...brb.

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