Monday, March 8, 2010

Downsizing....An update...

The kids and I were lucky enough to be able to get out of town two weeks ago, to visit David on his Fort Wayne job. Conveniently, our nieces, Abigail and Alexandra, live their with their awesome family. We know their dad well but had not met his wife, Teresa her daughter, Tyra and their little boy Levi, yet. Teresa is one cool chick and we are so blessed to have witnessed their family life together.

Abigail, Melanie, and Alexandra...

Chow time....Patrick prepared a delicious spread of grilled salmon, steamed veggies, tossed salad...yum!

Mel and Levi were glad that they got to have the girls to the hotel for some swim time.

#1-3 with A and A...

and a few days later, it was time to celebrate the late February, early March birthdays...Randy stopped by just in time...he could smell the Boyden's cake from Peoria...

Beck: Feb 27. David: Mar 6. Tom: Mar 9, which also just happens to be tomorrow....and if that wasn't enough...the ol' dude is turning FORTY! couldn't have happened to a nicer fella.

We usually try to just lump all of their birthdays together. They seem to be ok with it. which is good, because none of us need 3 different cake occasions. EVER.

We had a hard time keeping Becky off of the cake...she's all about Boyden's cakes...and apparently, Molly and Nora are as well.

Happy March to you!

We had a sunshine-filled day today...and man, was it nice. I got to take Will to the Y with me before his guitar lesson...we had windows down in the van. amazing. smelled so clean and fresh. After our strength and 3-mile cardio session, we came home and I took Moo out for a 2 mile walk...she fell fast asleep. Fresh air is so good for that!

My hubby is so excited to have Randypants, our oldest boy, working with him on their big install in Michigan City. I really hope that Randy comes to work for us for good...but he's slightly nomadic and newly snagged so that may be difficult to do. So glad that D. can be on an out of town job with one of the coolest cats on the planet.

Otherwise, my next post shall include pix from our quick trip to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois this past weekend. We enjoyed meeting Matt's lady friend, Katrina and hangin' at Crane Alley with an eccentric group of humans.

If you were wondering why my pics are so's in an effort to save MB space...I used up all my free space so I had to buy more. It's so worth it. so glad to be able to keep blogging. WordPress is too new and skeery to me.

Until then, sleep tight and sleep in heavenly peace.

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