Sunday, March 14, 2010

Levi: a true non-stop delight and weekend fun!

this was taken on the way to his first day of 3 year old preschool in Mooresville! wish I could kiss the little 3 year old face again....I guess I'll go kiss the big 7 year old face. :)

always such a little bug.

this kid falls asleep in the weirdest positions and places.

fretful dude!

love his little chubba wubba face.

and this is one of my top 10 favorite Levi photos of all time. He had no clue that in 8 days, Molly would show up and take over as baby of the clan. He still fights her for that position.

wanted to showcase this little dude since I've been digging up pix of his older sibs and posting them like a madwoman. Levi, if you should ever read this, hope you know that, in spite of your jabber jaws and incessant questions, I am committed to you and want only the best for you. You are one handsome, intelligent, musical, thoughtful fella. I love you. I know your Dad does too.

Good Sunday afternoon!

Just sittin' here, adding up receipts for the mid month record of David's business...sounds like a good time, huh? it is. in all reality though, it's one of the last times I will be doing that...David sold his construction company to 3 really awesome guys last week. He will still work for them and promote his patent etc but the stress will be cut IN HALF, if not more. God is so good...the 3 guys are Christians (not to say that Christians are perfect). We are breathing huge sighs of relief over here...yehaaa!

Lots of things coming down the pike but I will update this blog later...gotta pick Will up from his youth group and then we are going to the Factory for dinner. I, of course, won't eat anything but delicious rabbit food (yum yum nibble) but it's the ambience we are going for...and nothing thrills my motherly soul more than watching my offspring and spouse split the Western BBQ burger meals.

Hope your day has been restful and that you are enjoying this milder weather as much as we are!

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