Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If any one of my faithful followers can help me, I'd be much obliged...

I want to keep this blog going. but Blogger tells me that I have no room for any more photos.

I went thru and started deleting posts to make room. I'm guessing, like comments that get deleted, that they aren't permanently deleted and hence, it's not making more room for newer posts.

Am I right?

Mel tried to update her blog today and it told her NO MORE ROOM. WHA???

Any help, (hint hint Kara, Natalie) would be super...I love you in advance!


velvet said...

don't delete posts!!
this same thing happened to me last year. i had to purchase more room from blogger...i think i just went to the 'layout' page in blogger and clicked on 'help' then typed in the problem and found out what to do. (or you may just be able to link from the page that is telling you that you are out of picture space.) i ended up having to pay like, $20 for more picture space for a year. for me, it was worth it not to have to hassle with it anymore.
maybe someone else knows a better/cheaper way??

Laurie and company said...

THANK YOU, Velvet...I will see if I can figure out that avenue...I do think I remember seeing that and thought it was a joke...It really is worth it, to not have to worry about it for a year.

and I love my Google blog.

Noshings said...

it said no more room, are you kidding me???

hmm, how many pics you got on here, girl? lol
I'd email them and ask them what the limit is...perhaps just making your photos web ready (hence, smaller resolutions) would save space.

heehee, found you, too!
I so love the background on this page, its gorgeous.
and DUDE, Dave does look like that guy, he's on his name lol
nice seeing you yesterday, hope all the bathing and couch fixing went well =)