Wednesday, March 24, 2010

shoulda known

I should've known on this day, that Molly was going to be a pistol. such a sweet baby she was...and kapow! now I'm stuck with Sybil of the split personality. more below.

I just added this because these days, though difficult in their own way, were so much easier than these days now. Now I have kids from 15 to 2.5 and whew...the dynamics are intense. teaches me to choose joy in each situation and circumstance I find myself in.

Hi there. I hope you are enjoying the lovely spring days God has given us. I know we are.

I let the littles out to play this morning. I opened the windows on the school side of the house so I could hear any tomfoolery. Not even five minutes later, I hear Levi's squeaky, screeching, scream that "Molly is running in the parking lot up the hill....."

Yeah, I look out the window and there are the curly q's bopping toward Waverly Rd. She was running like the wind...not a care in this world. heck no, she was FREE! FREE AT LAST. Melanie saved the day....but that 2 yr old is fast and independent.

A great way to start out this day. I long for simpler times. Less time in the car but with soccer on the horizon, that is NOT likely to happen. Will, you really need to look forward to driving...lift my burden. :)

I'll be back when I can form a coherent thought. I'm bushed tonight...but in spite of it all, God is good and takes such good care of us. I have no forgive if it seems as if I do. my bad.


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