Thursday, November 1, 2012

Levi greets TEN!

Not many 10 year olds, that I know anyways, have said Hello Goodbye to their baby brothers. Levi was so sweet...he didn't want to get too far away from Jack but he didn't want to hold or kiss him either. I almost weep when I think of how it would've been if Jack had stayed...Levi would've been his A #1 entertainer.  Levi and Jack, my Thursday boys.
Buzz Leviyear

Muddy buddies

At the zoo in Colorado Springs, 2009

not sure what's going on here but the reflection is very cool.

soccer fanatic.
or not.
but so handsome.

funny guy

Arrrgh, someone "gots" a Buzz Lightyear toy!!

Sweet, fresh baby boy.


Here he is with not even one day old Molly.  Life is precious. li'l muppet boy.
My most laid back child is ten.   t - e - n! ahhhhh.

I'm just not sure how I "feel" about this. I just really find it hard to put into words what this does to my head, heart, soul....

My littlest baby, quickest delivery, scariest living  newborn, faced the most challenges from day ONE.

Levi Taylor Young, whatta guy you are.
Labor started at 4 am. and you emerged by 1 p.m. on Thursday, October 31, 2002.  Seven pounds, 3 ounces, your daddy almost delivered you. We'd sent the midwives to do some shopping while labor progressed. No sooner had they gotten onto SR 37 and I urged my momma to call them back from their trek into Martinsville...We were getting scared so David began birth stool, chux pad set up...Mom, Beck and kids had gone to Meijer to get food and we had to call them back too...everyone arrived JUST in time.

When Levi was born, he wasn't very vigorous. He kinda mewed like a little kitty. Even with talking to him, touching him and rubbing him, he just whimpered. He looked scared. always. Like he knew something we didn't. What followed in his first month was more than a little bit scary...possibly Spina Bifida Occulta (ruled out), heart issues (ruled out), feeding issues, latch on, weak muscle tone, delayed crawling, walking, speaking...he has been worth every little struggle.

We knew we were having a boy, our first ultrasound ever was on July 4, 2002, thanks to Aunt Beck, and so it was so cool to pick out a name and "get to know" Levi before he even arrived. (that's why it was so much harder to say goodbye to Jack, for we already knew him so well! does that make sense? you get to know their movements, sleeping schedules, what wakes them up, shivers, quivers and kicks etc.) Levi is in honor of my maternal grandpa, Leeds "Lee" Taylor and to family in general. My dad didn't like Levi's name at first but now I know it's one of his fave names and kids. right dad? yup, I thought so!

I remember, also, going to see the midwife for postpartum visits and she asked if we "talked to him"....while trying not to be offended, we answered OF COURSE...he has three big siblings, a crazy second mom for an aunt, my parents always around and such. I chalked it up to Levi just being laid back...ten years later, I can say with confidence that I was right about that one thing! He has always been a chilled out kinda's funny to me just how much his personality has remained the same thru the years. I love him so...he's perpetually asking questions, sometimes, most times, the same ones...he is pretty much one of the most giving people I know. He lets Molly beat him up, which bugs the crap out of me, pardon my French....he just WILL NOT defend himself. He is our gentle giant.

Happy TENTH birthday, sweet, funny guy! We are so glad to have you in our family.

I love you, LTY. you are precious to me and to so many.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, poignant post about such a special young man! I am excited to see what the next ten years brings. And, now that I realize that he's exactly XX number of years younger than me, I hope that I can always remember his age. Hope that your birthday was wonderful, Levi!

Love, David, Linda and Tory

Jamie said...

Beautiful post for your sweet double digit boy. Happy Birthday, Levi

Tesha said...

I think there is just something about having a baby in heaven that makes us appreciate each year even more. Maybe it is knowing the full wonderful life we are missing out on. What a blessing your sweet Levi is! I love how your love for him oozes out in this post:)

PS That mud picture is hilarious.