Saturday, November 3, 2012

Harvest update etc

how do ya like my butchered JOY pumpkin?

Ok, Tory, so there was no hidden story to what we were this year..David had been outta town all week, I kept asking him what he thought he'd be and he never gave me an answer. This was the best we could do on short notice. I mean, it really wasn't short notice but I'm somewhat notorious for waiting till the last minute. Not proud of that but I live with it. I was the "Immaterial Girl" (E's friend, Fred from Karate, gave me that name!). I loved Madonna when I was in middle school. I'd never condone how she was/is but she IS talented and oh so stylish...Levi and Ethan were Celtic Warriors...E is not pictured here...

Merida (who wouldn't keep her wig on to save her blessed life!), a good li'l witch and a Cowgirl

Jen, who won for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe,  very good!!

Jordan, as herself, lovely.....and her BFF, Katy, also lovely and gave a very rousing portrayal of "Rosie the Riveter"!

Melissa and her momma, Pat, who was very convincing as a mobster!

Melanie, Cammi and Sophie, who was dressed as movie star, Audrey Hepburn.

My friend, Christy (also mom to Cammi, above, and Austin, below and Paul, who is not pictured here)  in the purple coat behind us...and us, being my wonderful friend, Sully's momma, Jamie and Marilyn.

Beck and Mel, donning their hubbies work attire. Very convincing, ladies!

Carrie and Mike Kirk and their beeeeyooootiful kids, Cam, Meg, Mallory and Cal, who is a blur. They were wonderful as greasers and fifties girls, poodle skirts and all!

My mom came in her robe with her cold cream and rollers. NIIIIIICE.

Olivia and Jonathan as a very prim and proper couple! She may have been completely frozen here, as well. Poor little Oliviasicle

Carrie and I, whilst the Count of Monte Cristo eats a brownie behind us....

This may be my most favorite picture....ever! Carrie wanted to see what the stars were like over my bed...doesn't she look like a mannequin? HILARIOUS!

Austin K, Cammi's bro, and Paul's twin, who is not pictured here...He is dressed as Sabertooth. Or is it Sabre Tooth. or Saber Tooth...Nice job, Austin!

The girl catching the bouquet (or corsage, since we forgot to order the single ladies bouquet, nice) is Monica. She is also pictured with me below. She was our guest book attendant at our 11/27/93 wedding. She was precious and dolly back then and remains so to this day. She will marry Todd in less than 12 hours...I could NOT be happier for this girl and her future husband. More on this later.

Ok, so I wanted to get some pics on the beloved blog...and I really need to just go "borrow" my brother's pix on Facebook...but I have really had no time the past few days...

I won't go into's all good, just so busy, my head is spinning.

I have a wedding card to make before I can hit the's only 3 a.m.....

Be back later...Levi's birthday party is tonight (Saturday) and he is completely thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

Another party that I am so sad to miss. Sure hope that you are having a good time right now. And, thank you for sharing the harvest party pix. It sure looks like you had a blast. And, I hope that your card turned out like you wanted. Check in later, Tory