Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I've got nothing.... report.

circa 1970 something or of my absolute, all time favorite pix of my parents with my dad's parents. My Grandpa, so handsome, my Granda, head thrown back in laughter, my Mom....awwww, so cute. My dad...trying to act like it all is NOT happening. hahaha. love these guys. What I'd give to find out what they are laughing about....

These are the quiet, nose to the grindstone kinda days.
My sister is working like an insane woman to get crafts together for a local craft fair this weekend. I must say, I'm pretty impressed by the whole thing. I seriously am planning to TAKE PICTURES of her booth and BLOG THEM. (you heard it here, folks!! straight from the horse's mouth)....Fingers crossed that she sells lots of stuff...she's making epoxy rings and earrings (soooo darn cute!!), washer necklaces (ooooh!!), rosette banners, pennants, key holder hangy uppy thingys (I have one...maybe I'll blog it), bath salts (not the cannibalistic kind, mind you!), big ruler thingys that you hang on your wall (to measure your kids and keep track of it), keychains, and I know there are more things but I'm totally drawing a blank. All that to say, stay tuned. k?

On another note, I was working on crafts with my 2 youngest yesterday and thought I'd work on some patience....yeah.
I have a little glass jar full of tiny googly eyes. I let Molly finagle a couple out. No sooner did I warn her to hold it up over the table, carefully....CRASH!!

little eyes and lotsa glass all over the place. I will say this, I handled it better than I would've in times past (just ask my older three, who, unfortunately, were my patience guinea pigs. sorry, guys!)...She's so matter of fact and handles me so well...she jumped down, ran to get the broom and dust pan, all while explaining to me what we were going to do. She is precious and darn it if those freckles aren't her saving grace. All THAT to say, Tory, those googly eyes are for you guys and I'm sincerely hoping to get a little Thanksgiving package out to you guys. ahhhhh.

David got back home late last night from his Mahomet Illinois job...he's a busy, awesome guy. I thank the Lord for the patience he has shown me...I'm a bit of a shrew. Will and Ethan are currently working on re-organizing their bigger room. Naturally, Will has carved out his own space here at Young Manor...but he, being the facilities manager of YM, takes it upon himself to help and guide E and Levi in their room. He's cool like that...heck, they're all pretty nifty. Melanie is in lower level, responsibly working on her Biology, Literature and other time consuming subjects...she is getting her feet wet in caring for other folks' kids...she has had very good training here. I mean, heck, she has practically raised Molly with us. Rock on, Mel! Levi is drawing, while he waits for me to get his school day going and Molly is still sleeping....I let that little pixie sleep as long as she will...

And the Drumstick Dash? Our annual Thanksgiving Day adventure? Remember last year, how our van was broken into and our purses were stolen?? yeah, we are contemplating participating again this year, whilst leaving our personal belongings at HOME. E and Levi will sit this year out but Molly has informed me that YES, she would like to join us. And Nora will be doing it with her Mommy too. David, Will and Mel also!! I just hope that I can walk...for it seems that I've got an issue with my right foot. ack.

Ok, I've babbled on long enough...I can avoid this day no longer!

Hope that your Hump Day is off to a smashing back later, taters!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the googly eye debacle. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Seriously, too funny that it was a bunch of eyes rolling around, but the shattered glass and one more thing to clean up just when you were doing something for others kills me. Then, on top of it, I can just picture Molly marching over matter of factly. Those pesky googly eyes!

I do hope that you have fun at the drumstick dash. And, definitely, I would just take what I can carry. I have a pair of socks and a scarf that have zippered pockets in them if you want them. ;)

Oh, and don't forget that today is the BOGO at SBUX!