Friday, November 30, 2012

clouds, trees and peace-flingin' duck girls.

my fascination with clouds continues. and probably always will.

As I remember my son today, who would be 17 months old today, had he stayed, I can't help but remember the line from one of my favorite songs KLOVE..."You've gotta face the clouds, to see the silver lining...."

While Jack isn't here, his siblings are. I am very grateful for that fact.
I'm not sure what is happening in this pic...I found it on my iPod is precious to me.

My li'l canvas JOY banner...and where I put it, down below....

This is our upper floor tree, minus ornaments, which are now star is a little crooked but it kinda adds to the allure, dontcha think?

Beck got me this cute li'l JOY ornament. love it!

Jack's tree, chock full of JOYful goodness. Thank you to everyone who has sent me stuff to put on it. I've put every gift up or on.

The shelf outside of my bedroom...I finally got the JOY letters up that Kara gave me back in mid August. I do love this and I do love you, Kara!

Nora Bean spent the night last night...I love that the girlies wore their matching jammies.  I also love that they are primed and ready for their obnoxious glorious teen years, with abdomens exposed, peace signs up n ready and duck bill present!

tell me that these little chickies are not simply precious!
I love that they have each other!
I am a woman of few words today. Kinda grumpy, kinda outta sorts.
I know I should be choosin' JOY today, in honor of Jack's 17 months with Jesus. I'm trying.
I'm failing.
I should also be really excited, and I am, for we are on the EVE of our trip ALONE to St. Louis. For three sleeps.
I'm letting some circumstances of this day get the best of me. I really need to just pull myself up by my boot straps and slap a smile on my aging face....womp womp.

I do miss little Jack the Bear. I hear these songs about expectant Mary and knowing (or not really knowing) the sacrifice that Christ would be for the world...and the anguish, fear and worry over why the God of the Universe chose HER to carry His son...yeah, I know Jack wasn't a Savior really, but to us, he kinda was. Because of his sweet little short life, our family is on a quest for JOY.

No, we haven't got it all figured out. In fact, just when I think we may have some things figured out, something happens that reminds me to keep my face pointed up to the Lord. He alone is in control.

I'm done...I won't blab on anymore...too many weird, fearful thoughts floating around in my head. Praying today for my friend Jen's dad, Herb and my cousin Tory and her parents, my faraway friend, Shellee, in Japan, as she and her family minister to the Japanese people. Brooke as she faces court and trials for some decisions she has made.

Choose JOY, k?
which really just means....

He is our only HOPE.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you sweet friend! ENJOY your trip!!! Praying for a precious time of refreshment and special memories for you!!!!!!
Love you!
PS- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your beautiful Christmas decorations!!

Tesha said...

I have missed you these last weeks. Your house looks beautiful! I love how you always say the perfect imperfect things that speak right to my hear and make me feel less alone.