Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A hump day update...

On Sunday, David, Mel, Levi, Molly, Uncle John and Aunt Sherry drove over to Danville to retrieve Will and Ethan, who had been over in Champaign with David and then with NickNatRySoph. Here, we are observing Sherry and John's Danville area home (which is actually right on the Indiana/Illinois state line!!)

We then met up with almost all of David's entire immediate family and their children/significant others at Monical's Pizza. We took up about 6 tables. Booo yah! This is Molly and Adelaide, who also just turned 5. 

Ryan and his light blue eyes and his "spiders web" shirt (which is actually little skull/crossbones) so handsome!

David's parents, uncle and auntie

I didn't realize Nat had thrown up a thumbs up! And Nick!! what a face! Sophie was asleep behind her mom. I failed to get a pic of her because, quite frankly, I'm a bad aunt!

We call this the "kids' table" some of the fam is hard to see...Aaron, Anna, Ami are at the far end.

This is Jay. I know he, Ryan and Jack would've had a blast together. He looks SO much like his momma.

a good group of kids. Adelaide wasn't here for some reason...

I'm gathering my pics for my hands post. I love Molly's little chewed up hands. She really needs a mani/pedi and some serious cuticle attention! but I love her li'l hands.

Well, here I am...3 days before the Harvest party (this year is the 10th!!) and way too much to do!

We woke up to a dead possum in the pool this morning. That is pretty much one of the nastiest things I've ever seen or smelled. Thankfully, Ethan is one of the more awesome humans I know and he scooped it out with a shovel. Also, thankfully, I empty the water every spring to put new in. so if you've ever gone swimming with us, you can rest assured that the only gross thing in there is probably tinkle.

ha ha.

David is on the road to Champaign again. I'll be doing yardwork with the kids today...homeschool club tomorrow, karate, schoolwork, exercise, ohhh help me, Lord!! All of that in the midst of annoying political mumbo jumbo that is bombarding us at this time of year. I have a hard time ignoring it but I'm managing to!!! mostly.  In light of all of the hullabaloo and people that are seemingly out for blood (over politics, mind you), I have decided (to follow Jesus) and get a JESUS CHRIST sign for my yard (and not a Romney, Obama, O'Donnell, Mourdock, Gregg, whoever) because giving politics another minute of my mind power or yard space is a waste of time. HE is in control and I don't want to forget that. (now if you have a job in politics, e.g. Tory my dear etc, you are exempt from these thoughts. I know that people work in that area and I'm in no way bashing that! I'll do my part and vote...I'm simply referring to the folks that are vicious about it). See? my blood pressure starts rising when I even slightly mention subject....whew!

Our weather has been pretty great this week. Aside from weird storms, gobs of leaves everywhere and lotsa wind, the skies have never seemed bluer against the beautiful oranges, yellows, reds of the trees around here. Winterizing is so bittersweet. I know the days ahead will be challenging and hopefully, the Lord will use these days to fine tune my wandery spirit.

We are fine tuning our costumes for Saturday. I found a PERFECT Mama Cass dress but Mel reassured me that I could NOT be her again. boo. I have a few ideas rolling around in my jiggety head....still have no clue as to what David will be. yikes. How do we top years past? I mean the guy last year??? wow! he was ROUGH but highly entertaining....I know you will stay tuned to see what we come up with.

Thinking of my blogging friend, Stacey, whose precious girl, Lydia, went home to Jesus 52 Wednesdays ago today. Many hugs to you and your guys. She made such a good point over at her blog, which is posted on the left, Byrd's Nest. Go give her a visit and maybe you could pray that the Lord would give her, her husband, Willie, and her two sweet little sons some extra comfort today.

Tory, I have your letter just about ready and a card to put it in...just wanted to make sure you knew that and hope that you, your momma and dad are doing well!

Time to get outside to begin the work...until next time.
Much love


Anonymous said...

A possum? Yuck! I can honestly say that I haven't had to deal with that one yet. Although, I must say that 2 mice and hundreds of frogs are plenty for me to have to deal with this summer. I think that dad got a bird out, too; or something equally yucky. I will have to ask him what the yuckiest thing that he has had to get out is. And, what makes me the saddest is that it all could have been avoided, and they could have just died in traffic or nature rather than our pool. Just seems so tragic.

I know that you will have fun, and I can't wait to hear what you decided on as your costumes for the year. I am thinking that Moo will be something kitty kat, but that's the only one that I even have a random guess about. Just hope that it is more fun than ever before.

Many hugs,

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