Monday, November 19, 2012

ummm, you've got some lip gloss on your....entire face!

I had the immense pleasure of some much needed adult girl time tonight. Beck, Chrystal, Kellie and I went to El Meson for some gabby time....midway thru the meal, I received a text with this picture above in it...

I nearly choked on my chicken fajita...Melanie, who so kindly stayed with Levi and Molly, never lets me down when it comes to entertaining pictures and good care of the two youngest breathers.

I carry my camera around, thinking that I will actually TAKE some pictures...ha haaaa haha.

Wanna know what I'm actually doing? no. you don't. but here's a smattering of what's on my plate this week....

1.) Educating my children
2.) Continuous organization of school/storage room...a never ending and sometimes daunting task.
3.) exercising
4.) dreaming and imagining what our table will be like at the Centerpiece of Christmas event at our church, which will be on Thurs., Dec 6th. Becky, Aunt Sherry and I are hosting a table.
5.) breathing
6.) there's so much more, and I'm so blessed to be the rudder of this ship...but sometimes, all I wanna do is just sit and make stars or sniff scrapbook paper, make some cards or just play with the craft mediums that I love so dearly. Of course, I want my kids sitting around the table with me, working on Smash books or this craft or that craft...and that day may come...(when we have to sit around our table and eat my scrappin' supplies because we have no food...ha ha)

I'll just close this now by saying...I am seriously missing Jack tonight. I think it's the approach of the holidays and knowing that I need to have our picture taken, implementing JOY and wondering how I'm going to do this....I know it will be all the talk of JOY and knowing the JOY that awaits me and us but also the JOY that we can find in the everyday...Instead of focusing on negatives, I'm encouraging myself to focus on the positives. Not easy....but I'm up for the challenge. May I challenge you to do the same?

so thankful for wide open eyes...I'm gonna go hug my crazy kids.


Anonymous said...

Finding the JOY isn't too hard when I have such a cute little picture to look at! I know it's cuter from this side of things, but I did want you to know that it is helping me to find the JOY this season. Oh, and that cute package that someone sent us with these most AWESOME turkeys and turkey kisses!

Hugs to you and yours during this Thanksgiving week,
(Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Shellee!)

Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Tori, I hope you all did too! )
love and prayers, Shellee