Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random (and not so random) Thursday thoughts

This is the floor that David has been working on in Mahomet, IL, near Champaign. Hopefully, when it's finished, I will remember to put a picture up. This is in a brewery over there, that his younger brother, Aaron, will be working at.

This is a funny li'l blast from the past. Piper, my 8 year old niece, has taken a liking to Elvis, and I keep telling her that when I was a youngster, as above, but not quite 8...more like 14, 15, I was infatuated with Elvis....I would weep over him. He'd been dead for nearly 10, count 'em TEN years by this time. Notice a few things here with me, would you?
my crazy hair/perm/bangs....ahhhhh. the pink basket of CASSETTE tapes. My jazz cap. Teddy B. my headboard. my inside out Michigan State sweatshirt and cut off sweats. My intensity at getting my homework done.
What's really funny? My cousin and his family live in this house now and their boys are in this room. Surely they've removed the floral wallpaper.
Today promises to be a busy day. Jack has been gone for 70 Thursdays (I think)...but honestly, I don't keep track of the Thursdays now...only occasionally. I am in a place where, yes, I think of him every day, every way, and I still cry but I've got work to do to get home. Ya know?

I will probably always cry for him and for what happened. I will always recall that day. I will never be able to clean out that tub without having a moment of tears and silence for my precious sleeping 7 pound, 7 ounce wonder boy. But I also know that time is short and time is scary (if you let it be)...I've got 5 living children that need me and need to see that, though life is challenging, sometimes hard, kinda sucky occasionally, their only TRUE PEACE and HOPE is in Jesus Christ. Not Elvis, not coffee, not friends, not us as their parents...

My kids are watching me (and their dad) go through some pretttttttty challenging things...I may blog about this someday and I probably won't. I have been formulating some ways to blog about these trials, these flesh dealings but I just think I will keep it in my journal or in my head. I dunno.

My kids are also watching me (and their dad and themselves as well) go through some pretty darn amazing things. My kids are watching me/us learn to worship the Lord. We were created to it's inevitable...WE WILL WORSHIP are a few examples:   Lady Gaga, JLo, Elvis, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Madonna, Wham, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Guns N Roses, Liam Neeson, Beastie Boys, Indpls Colts, our phones and their apps, Miami Dolphins, this wine or that beer, This TV show or that....I could go on and I am not pointing anyyyyy fingers.

get my point?

When in reality, we should be worshipping our Creator, Savior, Comforter and Heavenly Father -Jesus Christ. (not to say that some of those things above aren't ok, in moderation etc)

For everything
In every way
In all we say

Our very breath is worship.

I asked Him to be real and He is showing Himself to me in ways that I never dreamt I'd get to see, witness or live.

Considering I'm an old Baptist gal, it's hard to show physical worship and I may NEVER partake in a group worship setting but when I'm on my treadmill or listening to music on my iPod or praying, I'm finding it more and more difficult to not point my face up toward the heavens (even though God is omnipresent -everywhere and in everything, not just "up in heaven") and maybe even possibly lift my hands up to Him.

I need Him.
Every hour.
This is what I'm focusing on this week. thankful for the lesson.

Hope your Thursday is fantastical...
I have homeschool group and then prep for David's Young Ideas annual Shareholders meeting tonight..never a dull moment. ever.
Every moment should/could be an adventure.



Tashena said...

Dearest Laurie,

You are heavy on my mind today. Hoping the prayers are helping your "dealings" right now. Still amazes me how the Lord works that out. You need Him, you are on my mind, I pray for you, He helps you - NEAT!

I hope you all will have safe Thursday travels and a lovely day.

Hope to chat soon! Miss ya!


Anonymous said...

You know, this is the same thing that I am having to learn to work on. To be like Peter, and learn not to look down at how deep the water is, but to look at Jesus and to see how GREAT HE is!

God is Good, ALL the time!

Love you much,
(Eat a nacho for me!)

wv (haven't gotten a good one in a long time): systers which makes me think of you and Beck!