Saturday, November 24, 2012

weekend update

I think Beck may have already been completely frustrated!

Roni and Beck set up a booth at the Greenwood HS last weekend. Their products were really adorable and the presentation was amazing! Good job girls...though I know you are extremely frustrated with the response.

My friend, Kellie, had a booth also! Again, adorable stuff to be sold.

My girls are crazy yet beautiful.

I do appreciate and love it when Mel gets bitten by the photog bug. I get some really great pix of Mooski.

This is for you, dear cousin, Tory! I was digging thru pix for my mom's calendar and found these little morsels from our past. I loved your Grandma Betty. "Be Sweet, Fight Nice."

And here we have my Grandma with the stunning swim cap (she always wore a cap!) and my Grandpa, her husband, Lee, Levi's namesake of sorts...and when I told Levi that Lee had part of his leg removed from complications of illness as a young man, he was flabbergasted and almost didn't seem to believe me...I had to dig to find this and was so relieved when I DID find it! So here it is, my Grandpa Lee Taylor (who also happens to be half bro to my cousin Tory's Grandma Betty above. that, my friends, is how we are related!)
My Gramps died in the summer of 79...I think right after he turned 70. Bummer, huh? I was six.

As I sit here and blog, my kids are hosting their bi-monthly teen Bible Study. Right now, they are doing Improv/charades. it is QUITE entertaining, I must say!

it has been a really nice holiday weekend. My tree is up but that is it. Not lit. Not decked out or bedazzled....but up. I may or may not  get that done by Monday.

Is it wrong that I'm having a difficult time getting into the spirit/swing of things? Is it ok for me to be completely transparent/real/open?

I mean, really, what am I supposed to buy for my 3 teenagers? Levi and Molly are easy. And I know that in the whole scheme of things and at the end of the day, it DOES NOT MATTER what "new" toys are hot or what other electronic devices they can get that do not take away from real live face time....I want this Christmas season to be very meaningful...but ya know what?

I want each day to be just that. yes, this is the time of year when we reflect on the GIFT OF JESUS CHRIST...and the sacrifice made for us. The events leading up to His birth...

We will start our Advent celebration (Bartholomew's Passage) on Dec. 2 and our Jesse Tree adventure on 11/29. That is one of the things that make our Christmas season such a peaceful, beautiful, reflective time....

On another note?? David and I, if all goes according to the plans that we've made (we do know that those can change. we are well acquainted with this fact of life) will be making a 3 day/night trip to St. Louis next week. Our 19th anniversary is this coming Tuesday....and we are long overdue for some alone time! We will be staying at our favorite chain, the Drury Plaza by the Arch. I am incredibly looking forward to some down time with my hubs and the only way we can really only seem to do this is if we leave our house. He is a working machine! Maybe I'll accidentally leave his phone at home.

Allright...I'd best go spend some time with these teens...hope your weekend is going amazingly and hugs to you all.

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures; especially, the ones of days gone by. I asked mom who the other people in the picture are, and we think that they are her brother Bobby in the first one and Joyce and is that Lisa in the second with your grandparents? It's funny how growing up we just take things for fact. You know, my Grandpa Ladensack had a part of his finger missing, and Uncle Lee had a missing leg; and, until just recently, I never asked why. I just knew that I loved them. Isn't it amazing how kids can be so much more accepting than us adults? So, I was asking mom last night just how Uncle Lee had lost his leg. That she was able to tell me what she knew of the story. But, when I ask more about how they got the pool and when and his illness and the hiccups, she doesn't remember as much. She remembers playing in the pool quite a bit when they were grown, but she doesn't remember exactly when they put it in. Then, she believes that it eventually got filled in, but doesn't know why. Anyway, it was an interesting discussion that these pix generated.

I love that you have such special activities for the holidays. Sounds like fun. And, I certainly hope that you get to go to St. Louis and have a great time.

Love you much,