Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still here...and a 30th Thursday to boot.

Ok, I'm trying to finagle a way to get some pix on my blog..but we don't have wi-fi access for the computer at the condo, except on my parent's computer...and of course, they don't have my pics on it.

soooo, just wanted to say HI to my awesome blog friends and to let you know that I'm working on getting some pix on here...we are having such a good, we are just lazing around and we've been down to the beach, swam in the pool, Bible time, lunch....good times.

Today is Jack's 30th Thursday with Jesus. I'm sure we don't even care about Thursdays in heaven but down here, we do. So I took a walk on the beach for my boy today, with my older boys...who just happened to take off and run 2.5-3 miles down the beach to a private pier. I realized that it was my first time to have ANY time by myself. Of course, I enjoyed some sunshine (which is gone now, since we just had a rippin' coastal storm) and all of the incredible waves, and talk cried to the Lord about how I'm ok but I'm just sad that Jack isn't here with us. Not for him, naturally, but for us. How different this vacation would have been if he'd been here with us. I'd have more of an excuse to take naps...Molly's outgrown them but man, if she doesn't still "need" them (grumpy, moody little punk :D)

bittersweet for sure.

I really think I could be a snowbird. I don't want to leave my midwestern home, too many memories and good people around there that I love...but just for a change of scenery and pace, I'd come down for a month or two.

I love the Gulf...I love all the waves, and how the sun shines thru the old men set up fishing poles and sit for hours, just fishing. I love that you can walk for ever down on the beach and it just never ever gets old.

I also love this condo and the fact that my parents have made it available for us. Thank you, Mom and have been so patient and accomodating to our big brood. I love you guys...this has been memorable and I'm reminded of just how cool my parents really are...

I also love the full length mirrors in each and every room...reminding me that, yes, I'm a mom, so I'll never be a rail thin person (not that I ever was) but I can see the areas that I need to work on, which, in turn, makes me so thankful for my hubby, who is dedicated to my health and will do whatever he needs to do help me achieve weight loss. Thanks David. Thanks for being such a good vacation many things to be grateful for.

I love my kids...I love the big 3, that are so helpful and loving of Levi and Molly....the ride down was, as excpected, slightly unnerving in some spots for the sheer fact that we are traveling with a four year old and nine year old...and Ethan, Will and Mel were simply amazing. Thanks're all gifts. (of course, right now, as I blog, Molly and Levi are driving me batty, not gonna lie...bickering, whining, bugging for things that I've already told them they couldn't have...blah!!)

All righty then..I'd best go so I can figure out how to transfer some pix. But really, I think I will have to wait till we get home to put my official pix on here. Until later, LY

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