Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine addiction, homemade noodles and visitors from Nola

Beware, I am addicted to Valentine's Day...not just because I gave birth to my handsome son Ethan on this day (almost) 16 years ago....gasp!....but because I love all things red, pink, hearty, cupidy, lovey dovey.
And I am NOT a lovey dovey person...

all that to say...Pinterest is can go on there and find just about anything you would like to find. Thankfully, I'm only looking for crafty, family oriented things. You do have to watch out though because people can be crude and nasty and will PIN just about anything you could imagine. Pinterest, you need a filter. just sayin.

I have found all of these adorable OLDIE V-Day cards and I'm hooked.
Love them.

This is the one I plan to give to David...he loves popcorn. And he's corny. LOL. just kiddin',  honey.

Thanks to Aunt Sherry and Uncle John (see below), some of the best folks around, Mel and I were able to get our hair/brows taken care of this past Tuesday. I love this girl...she took this pic with her phone but it has quickly become one of my new favorites. Not because of my gigantic nose but because it just shows that we can enjoy each other's presence, even in the midst of cold weather, lots to do and life in general.

These kids love this sweet lady! And I'll admit, she's one of my absolute favorites.  See the pan on the stove behind them? yeah...there is some homemade chicken and noodles in there. Made by Aunt Sherry? Nope...Uncle John's the noodlemaker in their home. (I love that!!) and boy, were they tasty! I think that is one of my comfort foods. these guys are some of my comfort people. (Uncle John isn't pictured. my bad)
Molly has big dreams of one day becoming a Jedi Knight. Here she is in the traditional Padawan (apprentice) garb of the defenders of peace in the Galaxy. (Or just one of my sweaters but man if this doesn't look like a Jedi robe. I love Obi Wan Kenobi and yes, I'm a Star Wars geek)

OOOOh, so cute. 

'Twould??? ha ha...I always talk like this so this one was especially hilarious to me.

awwww. pure love.

GOOD MORNING!! Man, is it cold enough for you??

I shall be blogging from the sunny, warmer shores of Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL TOMORROW!

I am really looking forward to this. immensely. HI MOM AND DAD...see you very soon. Hello warm (ish) sandy beaches, gulf sunrises and sunsets, and dolphins...goodbye, for now, old man winter.

Today is first weigh in after a week of Jenny Craig. I will admit, it was a lot harder to get back on this diet this time around. I'm so thankful for it, though, and thankful for the boundaries it sets up for me. I still manage to break them occasionally but it will be my first consultation with my new chick, Jean, and hopefully she will dish out some tough love to this girl.

Pray for my sister....she has been sick for almost this whole week. Get well very soon, Beck. Love you.

Yesterday was the 29 week mark since Jack left us. Grief. It never leaves. Even in those moments where you "kinda" forget, it's there. He'd be 6 months and 3 weeks on this coming Monday. We visited this grave weird. David and I talked about what we thought he'd be doing right now. Raspberries, drool, smiles...he'd be teething, for sure, so he'd be gnawing on anything. Remember when Molly used to gnaw on my chin? I will have to find those pics...or I could just go back on here to Jan/Feb of 2008...since I won't have those earthly memories of Jack, I imagine him being like his big brothers and sisters. I'm sure his mouth would hang open like Levi's always did...or that he'd go after Cheerios with his pointer finger (amazing fine motor skills) like all of them have. A smattering of adorable freckles like Molly? yes indeed. Definitely Ethan's pesky streak and love for all things weapon (eventually, not at six months, geez).

I miss that boy. I laid in bed and tried to imagine how it felt that last month to have him in my ribs...he was so long and lanky. I cleaned the tub that I had him in,  yesterday...good therapy? I dunno....weird to think that there is ONE spot on this earth where I can go to, and know that my life changed forever here. it's my one spot with Jack, where he was near. And it's in my house. Unsettling...but the tub was really dirty since the boys don't know how to use Comet cleanser on it, apparently (love you guys!!) :)  so I break down and do it every month or so.

Ok, well, my appointment is coming up very quickly and I have so very much to do before we leave FOR THE BEACH!! soooo I'm outta here. Tashena, hopefully I will get a chance to run over and say hi to you today. I can't believe this week is OVER and I DID NOT get to come over....ahhhhh.

Happy Trails....

I had to edit this picture (this is my bad angle. ha ha) and almost forgot to put it on....This is Stephani and her son, Cohen. She lives in Louisiana with her family. She went to school with my sibs so I don't think I ever "knew" her back then but we've become friends on FB. She was in town for her son's first birthday so we met up at Sbux. Thanks for taking the time to visit, chick! Monkey man is very cute and I appreciate your encouragement.

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