Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pictures for ya!

7 UP

Are we there yet? are we there yet?

I'm just pretty sure that I could never tire of this power, beauty and display of God's creation

a different perspective of beach life.

clam shell parking lot at King Neptune's diner

there is plenty more where these came from but alas, I've stolen these pix from my FB and downloaded them to my phone. The rest of the Fort Morgan grandeur and history will have to wait till I return home.

Go karting is fun in any state. though we were the only people here, so that was kinda creepy.

You'll be in my heart forever.

plum tuckered. she plays hard all day long.

Grams retaught Levi not to be afraid of the's almost kinda like riding a bike. sorta.

lotsa jellyfish...and no, we don't eat their goo here...

Lu Lu's over priced but very cool and Jimmy Buffet-y atmosphere...lotsa alcohol and overpriced everything.

my camera on my phone does take an occasional amazing picture. THIS is one of them. reflection of clouds and such in the surf. wow. how can one deny God in this locale?

Molly runs the entire time she's on the beach. David kinda does too.
Hey, I found some pics for you. I'm blogging on a PC, which is also not like riding a bike. I've had to reteach myself how to do this. My dad, blog follower #1, has informed me that I need to blog a little bit every it's on...the challenge, I'll take it.

so, on that note, I will be back, tomorrow...and hope that those of you in the frozen tundra are enjoying small bits of JOY in your day. I'm going to put my flip flops on and go to the store with my momma. After the storm lets up...I so wish you could see what I see right now...crashing waves, water that goes on forever, and mist in the air. I just love the beach...I'm gonna be a beach bum.


Anonymous said...

How exciting to find blog entries AND pix! Yay for me. Just thankful that you are getting to enjoy the beach. Hugs,t

Anonymous said...

Yeah for blogs, and warm weather, and beautiful beaches! So glad to see you having fun, especially while we have 4 feet of snow on ground. Thankful for each season that there is though. Hugs my friend, Shellee