Friday, January 13, 2012

Sully of the Cheeks

One year ago this past Wednesday, January 11, my friend, Jamie's, son, Sullivan, met Jesus face to face. SIDS...makes no sense. hurts so badly and to the very core.

gotta love this little mugsy. Praying for my aching are missed by so many, Sully and we rest in the knowledge that we will see you again.

Until that day,
those of us down left behind

note: I did this post Wednesday 1/11/12 but apparently I didn't hit post...hence, the edits and today's date.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love those cheeks! You know, looking at these pictures, it made me thankful to be living in the technology era. What was it like to lose a family member but not have pictures or likenesses of them? Did it feel less real that they were there? Did it make it easier or harder to mourn?

Just a thought. Praying for Jamie.


Jamie said...

Thanks, Laurie. That was so sweet. And Tory, good question about not having pictures. Sometimes I can't stop looking at them and it makes me feel better. Then other times it seems to make it much harder. So, yeah, not really much of a clue here.
I do so so love the picture in the hat. He's wearing an outfit with the Grinch's dog on it, and I got the hat at Old Navy. It made his cheeks look so chubby and squeezable! Thank you Laurie for remembering my boys angelversary