Friday, January 20, 2012

these are my babies. thank you, Lord.

Sept 1996. Ethan was a cherub. This is how I imagine Jack would be..maybe not as roly poly.

I love my Mummy. I'm still not sure what happened to this shirt.

funny kid.

Mel and Levi...she's all Princess Leia'd up for the opening night of Episode III

the gnawing I referred to in the previous post.  and funny, because it's exactly four years ago today that this was taken. awww. I'm all verklempt.

who, me?

A classic Melanie

Valentine's boy...

Mugsy Levi

My baby messing with Becky's baby. Molly had the seven week advantage for sure. Sorry Nora Bean.

sweet Jack. 
this is one pic of Jack that I can look at for longer than 10 seconds. maybe 20.

the depth of my sadness can't be contained. but my Lord knows the way thru the wilderness...

check out that pointer finger...this boy had some amazing fine motor skills.....and maybe slight OCD.

sweet Mel

my little Muppet, Levi

never was there a happier firstborn boy of a Greenhill or a Young. 

Oh those eyeballs.

see what I mean about Jack having a constantly open mouth? all of my kids just breathe in I  know he would have too.  seeing these makes me miss him even more than I already do. incomprehensible.
There ya have it....I had to post a few of my favorite pix of each kid. Of course, there are so many more where these came from...I have been given so many gifts. I cherish them...even the sad, gut wrenching ones...

I don't know God's plans at the moment, but I don't have to. Happy Friday.


Tashena said...

Dearest Laurie,
I can't even look at your blog any more without tears...
I miss you. I hurt. My heart aches for you. I am so sorry!
But, what a beautiful bunch you have.
It is such a tremendous joy having you as my neighbor - but more so my friend.

Love to you today!

Hannah Rose said...

I found your blog on the Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope website. I am so sorry for your loss. It is good to have the support of the blogging community and people that "get it." I'd love to have you follow along on my blog as well:

Anonymous said...

Cute, so very cute! Just so much cuteness in one small space. ;)

Hugs, t