Wednesday, September 1, 2010

maybe I'm crazy...maybe you're crazy....

A few weeks back, when my brother, Andy and crew was here, my entire immediate family went to the Drury Inn (our home away from home apparently) for one night. It was, in my opinion, a blast and a half. This picture and pretty much all that follow, are from that visit...

Mel was trying out Duncan's hockey gear...she should probably just stick to being a Naptown Roller girl.

These boys have something in common, besides blood. They are both second born boys, but not second rate by any means. love 'em both!

such a cool guy...

oooops, this was taken at our house...but Piper is becoming such a beauty of a young lady.

Tom, who has taken all of these pics as usual, caught Molly searching for local attractions and clean underwear. :)

Duncan loves his star shaped spectacles...

Nora, in a truly eerie photo.

Phebe, hiding behind her dad's luggage. i don't blame her...we are a scary sort.

time for the 5:30 kickback...lovin' the endless supply of "free" soda, snacks and such.

it's all good with Char...(he really is one of my faves)

and last, but certainly NOT least...Becky and her jazz hands. seriously, I'm wondering what is going on here...but she's such a poser, it could be just about anything. I luv you, sissy.

again, all credit is due to my photog brother, Thomas...he is a snap-a-holic and to that I say THANK YOU!

I'm going to bed...busy day(s) ahead...

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