Tuesday, September 21, 2010

so much catching up to do

Young Ideas shared boothspace with the IMI (Int'l Masonry Institute)...we thought that maybe it was the busiest booth but when it was announced at the end of the show, it was nice confirmation. David and Juan are superb salesmen.

David even ran into his former employer.

this is Richard. he was kinda scary but I'm sure completely harmless.

David and part of his amazing network of coolios. I like how the two guys have their hands on their hips. Becky (in pink, haha) and Juan. Two of the most awesome folks you'll ever wanna meet.

Before these memories get away from me, I wanted to get them posted. David's patent company took part in a local tradeshow. He met lots of architects, spec writers and others in the "industry".

Honestly, a lot of changes and great things are on the horizon. We are really excited and praising the Lord for all the storms and joys He takes us thru. I have so many thoughts roiling around in my noggin and not a clue how to get any of it out, making sense.

so honored to be alongside David on this roller coaster ride of life. so thankful that he has some fellow Christians to support him in the workforce. I stand amazed.

this post is just not doing any of the things taking place any justice at all. mush head.


Natalie said...

Bahahaha. Richard looks like a creeper.

Laurie and company said...

sadly, he was. we were totally spooked but it made for some entertainment in a slightly boring venue. :) ha ha!

I wish I could've gotten a good picture of his hair...it stuck out straight on both sides.