Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm amazed at how often I use the word or forms of the word AMAZE.
I need a thesaurus.


Tory said...


Synonyms for amaze: astonish, astound, bowl over, dumbfound (also dumfound), flabbergast, floor, rock, shock, startle, stun, stupefy, thunderstrike

Although, you simply AMAZE me, and I don't care if you use the word a lot b/c I just love to read anything and everything that you want to share! Luv ya' cuz, t

Laurie and company said...

oooh, I like those, cuz! thanks for broadening my vocab...I knew I kept going over to the dictionary/thesaurus shelf and forgetting why I was I appreciate the help, sugar bear.
your words made me choke up.
I love you from afar.
Hope hope hope that you are doing well and hunkering down into a wonderful school year. think of you often.