Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's that time of year....

School picture time....

Will Franklin, who will be 16 in 15 days.
Umm, when did this kid grow from that little round faced cherub to this mini-man? seriously.

Ethan James, 14...and the above comment applies to this young dude too.

Melanie Kate, 12
Beautiful, inside and out, mos def

Levi Taylor, who will be 8 in 30 days. hard to believe he's not that little pursed-lip scaredy baby anymore....I blinked and he's 8.

Molly Christine, 3 years.
Our source of constant delight and entertainment...


back in 2005, I took pix of their profiles. I need to dig them out but until then, here are their updated profiles.

or mugshots if ya wanna get technical.
I'm kidding.

she doesn't look thrilled.

he's up to something.

hee hee.

Mel picked one of my geraniums {gasp!} and stuck it in her hair....

sweet kids.


How are ya today?

We were able to enjoy a {most of the} day at home kinda day. Mel reminded me that we hadn't taken our school pics yet. Naturally, I obey my daughter...and these are the results.

Hope this finds you gearing up for a fun-filled weekend...I think we get to be around home again and for that we say YIPEE!!

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