Sunday, September 26, 2010

let the fun begin...

Or something like it....

on our way to Greenfield Village, we traveled down Eight Mile Road, made famous by a certain angry rapper, to which I won't mention here....but lemme tell's a crazy, creepy roadway.

I'll just go ahead and apologize for this tomfoolery now...gotta love the horse drawn carriages all throughout the Village...and MELANIE thought it'd be funny to stand over a fresh pile of doo and take a pic. We told her it'd be even MORE tasteless if she was the human in the picture. This way, with E in the pic, it's only mildly tasteless.

Ya just have to love having creative teenagers.

This is a cute pic because Molly is just so sure of herself.

we have our hands full with that one.

In Mrs. Cohen's Millinery, we all got to try on [lice-infested] hats....not really...but it was brought to my attention on Facebook that I should've considered this. ewww.

I love my gaggle o' kids. each so unique and fun in their own ways.

I have quite a few pix from the Village and didn't know how to start without starting'll be an overwhelming task and I'm just not up for it yet. :)

Until that day, chow.


Natalie said...

I love that last picture of all the kids! The way they're all lined up. So cute! And Molls is a stinkin cutie with her hand on her hip. Haha!

That "Lead Me" Sanctus Real song is my absolute FAV right now. I shriek when it comes on WBGL and then cry because it's such a beautiful song. I've become a big fat baby, haven't I? Cryin at everything... ahh, well.

I <3 your KIDS!!! :) And you guys too I guess.

Tory said...

I love the last picture, too! Particularly, the fact that Moll is Ms. Independent and/or looking like she is in a missing man formation. Hahaha...guess, I haven't been on here in a couple of days. Must catch up! Hugs, t