Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a snippet here, a snippet there...

Sybil aka Molly

My momma

Tom with Aunt Nan

Melanie Kate

My firstborn with my Grandma's firstborn. awww.

Beck squeezing mercilessly on our beloved auntie


scoping out the scene...

Ethan James

Aunt Darlene showing her Sparty support.

Hello sweet cheeks

These stairs are irresistible for littles. You can't help but want to slide down them over and over. I slid these same stairs as a child.

David and Uncle Frank, talking biz

Piper, Uncle John, Will and Levi...we all had such a good time visiting with my Dad's side of the family.

that's about all the blogging I can handle on this day....this first day of Autumn, 2010.

I wondered why it was such a funnnnnky day...and then a friend on Facebook reminded me that it was indeed an Equinox and yes, Billy, those do mess with one's system.

It's messing with mine.

I have so very much to blog about and so little desire to do so. I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see what is next in my world. (really?)

eat your heart out!

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