Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...and so it begins....

some would say he's light on his feet. or that he's a pixie...or maybe a li'l leprechaun....

...and that he's good with his head...

Bubbles....Molly runs everywhere. Nora is just not sure WHY!

Meet Gracie....she is the newest member of my sister's family...she's pretty cute but her breff is stinky. :)

our firstborn son...one can see where Molly gets her need for speed.

All of these above pix were taken skillfully by my brother...his new Nikon is simply fantastic.

Now that our first official season of travel soccer has started, be prepared for lots of nostalgia. Especially now. This boy of ours, Will, Willy Vanilly, Wilson, Willverine, whatever you call him...is a man now. I watch him out there on the field and dang if it's hard not to get melancholy. It really was just yesterday that I was chasing him around...and then wondering what I was going to do with 2 little boys under the age of 18 months. and poof! now he's taller than most of the kids his age, his voice is changing, and I'm seeing the man that he will be.

He's going to be 16 in less than two months. I'm not sure I can handle this.

Are you ready?

Here it comes...

soak it up. enjoy every little moment that you have with your little people. I know I didn't. :( thought I'd always have 'em...and while I still do (thank You, Lord) and I totally love the stages they are in now (really, I do)...I would just love to go back in time to squeeze Will, Ethan, even Mel's little round faces, hear their little kid voices, answer patiently all the questions they would ask...(I, thankfully, can still squeeze Levi and Molly's little round faces...)

...I love you, my children. God has given me the richest blessings in you. I may not be overly educated, have lotsa money, or whatever is "in"... but God thought I was worthy enough to put you FIVE kids in my life. I'm so impressed with the results of all the time we've invested...you all knock my socks off! Praise the LORD Almighty.

I know I get wrapped up in moments, circumstances, stresses, I pray you know just how much I am committed to your success, in life, in Christ, in everything you set out to do.

good night, sweethearts.

...note....yes, I got ALL that from soccer pix.

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