Monday, July 6, 2009

Ahoy Mates...

this was the guy, telling us what to do and what not to do on the boat.

Randy and Mel look very confused

all my guys

P singing while she drove the boat

'twas a wee bit chilly when we first set out on our 6 hour tour of Lake Monroe

We kept driving the boat toward the little rays of light....never really broke that day...but it was nice all the same. too bad there was still cell phone service.

Daveyboy and Randypants

things got a little crazy...that whole jumping off the top of the pontoon was as adventurous as these cats got (Beck and I included)....I often have dreams of falling off of high places. That has picked up in intensity.

Becky and her employer.

The view from up top.

Scotty and Pipes

Will and I tried to rest on the upper was a little wobbly


Will scraped his ankle on the scary stairs.

The slide was AWWWWE-SOMENESS....

Mel's turn at the wheel

Levi took a spin...

Our day on Lake Monroe, July 2, 2009 (Tambo's 40th) was such a rip-roaring good time...we wanna go back. Heck, we may even want our own boat.

Well, that may be a stretch....but the boating life is kinda the life for me. I do have a problem with all that swimming stuff IN the water....and fears of sinking, drowning, Titanic, Posiedon....ahhhh. too much for this cat. (I will work on this fear, though, Jen, so we can go on a cruise someday! promise!)

I like that we could swim, get out, dry off, eat, visit, listen to music, er oops, we didn't get to do that because, well never mind....and then jump in again, getting crazy with diving contests, jumping off from the upper level (don't try this at home folks, really!), playing catch and throwing some kids shampoo on the slide for maximum slide-age! It was an incredible time and it was even better because we didn't have to deal with the tiny ones. That would have been a nightmare, quite honestly. I kept having nightmares that Molly would fall in and I couldn't get to it was best she stayed with Courtney (thanks are so cool) and Nora was with her Nana! whew....scary stuff.

On that note, outta here...hope you are enjoying your July.

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