Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fly away li'l birdie

Here's a little story with pictures:

David and the kids found a little bird struggling in this can this morning. (critter catcher)

He was so cute (for a bird) and he jumped up on David's finger....but shook and kept his little winkers closed the whole time, opening them only we were all a part of a bad birdie dream. Little feathers were soaked.

We aren't sure how long he had been in the can of we offered him one of Liz's mealworms, just in case he was hungry. Gather some strength so he could fly back to the nest. He still wouldn't open his peepers. He was in complete denial that we, the savage humans, had rescued him...

By this time, our little kitty (formerly known as Molly, the little girl with drawn on kitty nose/whiskers) wanted to get near the little Peeper..."awwww, hi yiddle birdie...awww hi awww". she kept saying that over and over again. it was quite precious. The little Peeper would peep peep every now and then...he seemed most grateful to me...hope you're ok, little fella!

Birdie, meet Kitty....she won't eat you....

Gather 'round the kitty and the birdie...Will, don't smoosh the tomato plants.

So, that was a highlight of today....again, a rather chilly July day here in the great midwest. I mean, I'm not complaining...I despise humidity,high oppressive heat and drips down my it's nice....

Painting the porch rails, trying to keep the house clean and my sanity in check...what's new with you?

Busy busy weekend...reconnecting with some friends from the
past. Hope to have a good post on that soon!

Have a magnificent weekend!

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