Sunday, July 5, 2009

Molly's 2nd Birthday party. ever.

where's your shirt?

this is one of Molly's new expressions...her "I'm not that into you or what you are saying" look.

"Let me at it...."

Moll got this cool doodle pro, twin dollies, a stroller that she already broke because she insisted on sitting in it herself, lots of cool clothes etc. Thanks everybody!

someone needs their roots this pic, Molly was mid-drop of the clothing....she'd open the pieces and drop was classic and all of my kids have done this. I guess most kids do this.

caught red-handed....

I'm a big kid now...

BFF....aren't they just the cutest little birdies? Nora's expression is precious!


Well, happy belated Fourth of July to you!

Whatta poo day we had, in the weather department. Rain and shmear all day. We held out hope that the Indpls fireworx would still happen. After a day of hanging out, really chilling, visiting with Randy, a dinner of Donato's pizza and salad, we decided to venture out to attempt the worx. Rain was NOT subsiding. And we have Molly. She's a challenge in good weather right now. sooooooooo.

We stopped at a local Starbux, regrouped, decided to try to view them from the highway....highway 70 and 65. We had planned to go to the Indy Star parking garage with our friends Bobby, Tammy and their daughters...but that was out....we weren't up for the fight of 1.) Molly, who was tired and fussy by this time, 2. ) Rain, rain, everywhere, and 3.) waiting in the rain when the worx were done. So that was a bummer! (which reminds me that i need to blog for my dear friend, Tamboliciousness, who celebrated a milestone birthday on July 2).
On our trek up 65, it was announced on the radio that the worx were postponed till July 5th. Ahhhhhh.

So. here we r. are we going or not?


O yeah, it's my nephew Charlie's birthday today. I'd blog some recent pix of him if I had any. so if you are wondering, Andy, Mom, Dad, whoever why there are no Kindergarten graduation pics on here, it's because I have NONE.

Happy Birthday, little Char. I think you are adorable and I wish you lived near me.

Recent Events

I know I've been absolutely horrible about updating this lovely blog....and I hope to get back to a more regular schedule, but things have been more than a bit challenging around our home. On so many levels. Some good, some not. But all redeeming and all blessings in their own ways.

Molly's going to be two on Thursday and I just can't even get my head around that. When did this happen?

She is so smart. She is trying to potty train herself. I'm the lazy one....She's talking in sentences....she calls Levi "Levi Levi". She loves to eat Mel's lip gloss and listen to Mel's Shuffle when we are in the car (a fact that drives Mel nutso). She still screams that glass breaking shriek and it makes me want to put a fork in my eye. But at the end of the day, when she grabs for her blankie and pacifier (which is a habit we need to break because she's getting little buck teeth)....and calls for me "Mommy, help me" to put her in bed, I'm always really glad I didn't leave her at the grocery store by herself.

hee hee.

I love you Molly Christine. You are a wonderful little book end to our family.

more updates later on. tired. want to go outside and catch a glimpse of the "glowing orb in the sky" (thanks for that chilling description of the sun, Scott!)


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Tory said...

Well, well, it has been a long time since we chatted. Thanks for the comment on Facebook, but as part of my new self-imposed ban on computer time, I really only check e-mail and your blog. So, I thought that I would kill 2 birds. Lovely update from a lovely cousin! Sure hope that you are having a nice summer. All is well here...sunshine, gardens, and pools, oh my. Speaking of gardens, how are your tomatoes?

Happy Birthday, Moo! I cannot believe that she is 2 either, but just think, the fork in the eye screaming is but for a season. teehee...I know, big help, right? But, like you said, I am sure the small things add up to so much more than the scream or even the "attitude".

And, on that note, hugs to you and your beautiful blessings!