Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Molly Mooski

sweet Molly Moo!

She came out so active, chubby and wide eyed. oh, to just go back for a moment....such a sweet, sweet baby girl!

I Love this big bro pic. Nowadays, Molly copies everything Levi does. Except that she tells me when she poops. he still doesn't. I usually just get a whiff. then I know.

beautiful little being...

#3-#5, hanging in the Photo Booth with their mother!

Making a huge mess with her Boyden's delight!!

crazy kids!

How do you like my bright red cookie, Momma? (what was I thinking to give this cookie to this kid?)


I'm 2 days late and a dollar short on this birthday wish..but she knows I was wishing her happiness...since I was WITH HER...and heck, I brought her and her sibs a sugar cookie from Boyden's Bakery (mmm mmm good)...if you don't know someone wants the best for you with their gift of THAT, then you are a hopeless case. :)

Lots going on around the place...

1.) Levi shaved off the other half of his intact eye brow today. Yes, I know...hide the razor. No, I'm not smarter than the 6 year old.

2.) Melanie chipped her front tooth tonight...closing the refrigerator door. Wha??? really? yeah. and our dentist is out of town. but his back up guy is pretty cool. We've visited him before so that is cool. Melanie apparently inherited my gracefulness.

3.) David is getting ready to do a big job in a southern Indiana town...he's been there all day today. He is so good at what he does, it's sickening. he's good at the work and the organizing of it...where did I find this guy?

4.) I am doing this post on Molly, even though I have already blogged her party pix, because I like to do a post for my peeps on their days. Her birthday was rather hectic....rainy too....and I'm kind of at a loss without all my pix on this new computer...So Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly. Even though you are the most challenging kid I've birthed to date, I wouldn't trade you for a nickel. or even a quarter. I love your giggly little laff when I whisper in your baby ears...and how you told me before I put you to bed a while ago "Umm, Mom? I pooped" and boy did ya. sheewwwie.

Hope this finds you doing well....I have so much I want to blog about...but still not at liberty on some, and outta time on the rest!

Chat at ya later, taters.

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Tory said...

What? Levi is a cosmetologist in the making? Hmmm...makes you wonder what they are thinking as they are pooping their pants and shaving off their eyebrows?! What a funny little man, to say the least. My other question is why the eyebrows and not the leg hair or arm hair? Go figure! Maybe, he just didn't want to look so much like the Youngs anymore.

Sure sounds like you have been having a helpin' of fun with your busy, hectic whirlwind of a life! Hope you are enjoying the summer, your pool, and your garden.

Hugs, t!