Monday, July 20, 2009

Fifth of July

little side shows on the interstate behind our fireworx seating...this pic of Levi is just so typical of him.

pretty girl.

the next 6 pix actually have me in them. I went around to each member of my family and we did some Fourth of July self-portraits (missed you though, Beck, you are my self-portrait buddy! starting new traditions here.)

Hangin' with my buddy.

Love you, Mel

Little Mr. Aloof

ooooh. ahhhhh.

My hubby and I...he's lookin' a bit unsure, which is typical.

Tambo and family, these previous three shots are for you and there are more where they came from...I actually got some good fireworks shots, which is kind of a dorky thing to do actually (taking pix of worx)...and it was a pretty good show. We are sorry we didn't get to take in the show with you guys...Next year?? with some Oliver?

Adieu Randeth....we enjoyed an interesting 3.5 days with one of our favorite people, Randy. It was such a let down when you left! You are a blessing to all of us!

Ok, sheer busyness around our house...but wanted to post some pix so my dad can't keep saying that I blog once a year....Dad, I will get more pix up on here tonight too.

My favorite subject to photograph, my kids, is just not as cooperative these days as in the past!

Molly stuck her tongue out at my mom a few weeks ago and then today, when Mom told her to lay down, she told Gma "shup". it's really being brought to my attention that we've got to rein this girl in...and also watch what we say..she's a sponge. She is the smartest kid I've had, I do believe.

or maybe I'm just really tired.

I dunno.

Be back later....hope you are well!

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