Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's play catch (up)

I have been meaning to get these karate pictures up on the blog for some time now! almost two weeks, to be exact!
Ethan and Melanie have really enjoyed taking karate with Brown's Karate. Shihan Sherry and her crew are amazing and it's cool because it's not into all the eastern-y aspects, which there are some good things about, but it's from a Christian perspective...and that's neat-o. :)
these pix are from the night they took their test to get their yellow belts. They didn't receive the belts that night because Shihan had forgotten them in the midst of a crazy busy day at her house. time to meditate!
I have more pix to post but I think a cat nap is in until they get magically uploaded to my until then....ahhh.
Hope your Resurrection Day has been about more than ham, bunnies and chocolate. So glad to serve a Risen Savior...Amen.

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Tory said...

Sure hope that you did have a nice Easter yourself...sorry to make you jealous. But, you know, you are always cooler in the summer than us; so, that should make up the difference. ;)

Good to see E and M testing and learning disciplinary skills that will benefit them in their adult years.

Love ya, kiddo, t