Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day delightfulness


Piper has that serious, "I must find lots of eggs" expression on her face...

David robbed Levi of one of his blue Peeps.

The hunt is on...

Having the 3 older children hide the eggs always has some interesting eggs hidden up in the unfinished porch rafters...

and eggs on cars

and eggs hidden high up in the trees.

I think in this picture, Will was actually laying an egg. yup.

you're not done yet,

we have this strange self-portrait obsession....I think, when we are old, or when we die, our kids and grandkids will enjoy these. maybe.

she's a two fisted egg hunter!

and eggs up on house ledges that only climby kids can get to...Will is lifting Pipes up here...and she was NOT much so..........

that she pushed him off of the 5 foot high wall....thankfully, he survived. (hee hee)

She was telling him to "GET UP" was kinda cute

oh oh hoooo hooo, the new family tradition..."Pioneer Woman's sheet cake"...and oh, it's heavenly! Great cake, B! thanks!~

ok, so they were the only ones that sat long enough to get a family shot.


thankfully, Uncle Tom was "on it" and got some pix before your nap, Molly. I was a bad mommy and didn't get any pix of all 5 of my children on this Easter day.

Thankfully, again, I got a pic of Mollsy, Pipes and Nora and my dirty laundry basket was in the background. Yah!

I hope your Easter celebrations were joyful.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch of tacos..since it's easiest to cook up quick...and then the traditional egg hunt...
Ya know what? I will update this least you have some pics to look at...until then!
I just realized how truly tired I am after a crazy, scary, hectic, rainy day...more on this tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I guewss I was a bad mommy too, then no family shot this year..... who knows when all of the special outfits will all be clean at the same time again? :o) - your kids are so fun!! take care - Shellee

Anonymous said...

oops, can't spell well either. "guess" is correct

Tory said...

And a fun day was had by all! Looks like everyone had a really nice time, and I love being a part of that. All the kids looked nice in their Easter dud's, and they all have such great imaginations! What a bright spot in this rainy day!

Laurie and company said...

Shellee...I'm with you...but man, how do you keep all that boy clothing in order? You are a hero! there will be time later for those amazing family shots on important holidays, right? and you got that great video of your boys singing Jesus Loves Me in Japanese...doesn't get ANY better than that! Praise the Lord! would've been fun if you'd been here...I pray I make it thru these "creative teenage years"'s only the beginning and I'm struggling. dear Lord, help me!
thanks for your kind words, ladies! Love you both!