Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's official...

here she is, just this evening, helping me get some stuff in order for a meeting in the many peeps can say they get to work, spend lots of time, hang, struggle, laugh, etc, with one of their favorite people EVERY DAY? not many. but I can! You are so cool, B. I love you!

in typical B fashion...poser-iffic.

right backatcha


My beautiful, smart, driven, funny, talented little sister left her job and came to work for us.

Can you believe that? I know I still can't.

And ya know what? she technically isn't even supposed to be "working" for us yet, she was going to take some time to get her "stuff" in order....but she helped me out a TON on this past Friday, to get some stuff in order for David, and to keep me calm...and then again for a bit tonight...
Beck, you are awesome! David and I are very grateful for you. Very grateful for Tom and the other great people that have really taken this job so seriously already! I'm in awe.
God has surrounded us with some pretty amazing folks! Can't wait to see what is in store with all of this...if these first few days have been this!
Thanks for your dedication, Beck, Tom, Nathan, Jose, Jeff, you, you, and you! and you know who you are....all of you.
want me to say YOU again?


Tory said...

Now, that's what I call handpicking your team! Good for you...should make for a good work experience. Am praying for you during this time,


Brittany said...

Is David hiring?