Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crash, Boom, Bam...and a bumpity bump

Mom, showing off her seat belt abrasion..youch.

Dad, showing off his shaky self...getting loved by Levner...
This past Monday, April 13, was a bit rough...Started out with my sister's hubby, Scott, making a trip to the ER with some chest pains...left arm and hand pain..never a good sign. Thankfully, after a batter of CT scans, stress tests and labwork, he got a clean bill of health...'tis scary though because he has stroke/heart attack in his family tree...we don't mess around with the ticker! Glad you are ok, Scott!
Becky also quit her job that day...and will be coming to work with David and I. not that that was a bad part of Monday, but it's never fun to tell your boss you are leaving your job, even if the one you are leaving for is waaaaaaaaay cool! (snicker snicker)
If all that wasn't sorta stressful if....Mom calls me at a bit after noon, cool as a cuke, "Hi, your Dad and I just got into a car accident..." ahhhhhhhhhh, those 6 little words you never want to hear from a loved one...."we're ok, but I'm a little banged up and the other person is ok...and Dad is ok". It could've been a lot worse...and thank the Lord it wasn't...the other participant's car is totaled, most likely? Mom and Dad are still a bit shaken, reliving those crashing sounds in their heads, over and over...but aside from soreness and that nasty seat belt mark on Mom's chest...they are doing well! Thank You, Lord!
I have more pix to post of a visit from our MI relatives...but I hope to get more that will be the next installment...until then...Godspeed to travels and choose that JOY!


Tory said...

Oh my! Really, that is all that I can say, right kind of speechless. Wow, just thankful that all is okay. Cannot wait to hear more about what is going on via e-mail (hint, hint)...but, I am patiently waiting.

Honestly had to look up the luggage quote...didn't remember that one! But, it is funny.

Sure hope that ya'll are doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers, t

Heather said...

Glad that 13th day of April is BEHIND you!! YUCK! VERY glad everyone is ok, too. Thank goodness for sturdy GM craftsmanship, right?
P.S. the Rob Thomas song on your blog chokes me up every time...big ole' sap that I am!