Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's all relative...

I thought Molly was a little "toughy" till I met this little crazy cat for the third time....she tunks around like she owns "the place"....and she puts up with no bull! cute! tough! spunky! sassy just like her momma! Your girls are sweet, Dawn.

My big boys...

whose food can I eat now?

I think I'm safe....I don't think Dawn is a regular Livin' the Good Life follower, so she won't notice this picture...but the pic of Taylor is pretty funny!

Levi and Laynee...second cousins can marry, right? eww. j/k

David's trusty side kick (you are doing awesome, big bro), Tom. He is notorious for pulling a Sean Penn when the camera is pointed at him...but when he's snapping shots? watch out...he gets some pretty wild pix...

cute girls

it's like looking at pics from the past, except that Dawn is four years older than me and Molly really doesn't look all that much like me...but Taylor, the little toe-head next to Mollsy??? she is the SPITTING image of her mother!

I thought it was cute the way Molly ran from me when I let her out of the stroller. no really, Mel was walking with her...and this little pug likes to give her patient big sister a harrrrrrd time.


Part of our Michigan family came down for a visit last week...Lanie (my aunt, she was married to my mom's brother, and he passed away almost 10 years ago...can u believe that, guys??), her daughter, Dawn, and Dawn's two little chicklets, Laynee and Taylor...We visited the mall, the local Mickey D's playland, soccer practice, ate dinner a couple different times in the hotel dining room....and the catch up visit was nice....Thanks for coming down, gals!
We had a very nice time! I'll have to stalk Dawn's facebook page to put some of her pix on here....until then...hope you had a fantastic weekend. Be back later.

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Tory said...

And, a good time was had by all! Sure looks like there was a lot going on, and you got some great pictures of the fun. It always makes me wish that I could be just a little bit closer to be a part of the "action". Just glad that as always you are willing to take time out of your busy day to share those moments with us.

Hugs, t