Sunday, April 5, 2009

the past couple of days...such an original title, really.

a fun hang-out time with Uncle was nice to see you!

potty time...she didn't actually go..but we can hope

Willy Nilly's new 'do...

um, where did this young man come from?

this was one of the weekend's highlights...but I'll write about it later...I need to get to bed but wanted to post some pix for ya...since I've been a blogging slacker...I have legitimate excuses!

this is out of order....but Molly was trying so hard to get Nora to run down the hotel hallways with her...Molly is like a little lumberjack...and look at Nora...runs like a little lady...

Hey Kid. Thanks for posing. You're pretty cute!

Hey, all five of our offspring in one shot...pretty good, huh?
Last night was Piper's last official fun night of spring break '09 so B and S took their little fam to a hotel in Edinburgh...a Hilton Garden Inn and man, was it snazzy. Our large family of 7 took an evening out to go visit, swim, catch up on stuff. Thanks for letting us mess up your suite and make lots of noise, guys. We love you four gobs!

Miss P...showing off her swimming finesse!

Levi showing off his not so ...swimming finesse.

blurry but fun

Mel and Nora

a good portion of my kids and my sisters kids.

East end boys with west end girls...

and we will end with "The Kiss"...a lovely say the least. love it.
so much has been going on........and I will be back on here tomorrow to bore you with some words...but for now, enjoy the pix. This crazy cat is all Zumba'd out...thanks for making me go today Beck...Mel and I had fun getting funky with ya! I am so going on Dancing with the Stars. I can see it now.
yeah, time for bed. Happy snow day!

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Tory said...

Snow? Did you say that four letter word? Oh my, don't think that I could handle that right now...but believe me, I know what it's like to stand at a sunrise service in 3 inches of the white powder..oy vay, say it isn't so!

Nice pictures, and so very diverse. Love it! Nora looks like such a little cupie doll where her hair is all cute all of your family is. And, yes, does Will realize just how much older his haircut makes home look? If you didn't have to before, you are going to have to beat the girls off with a stick! And, if you had to before, now, it's going to be more like a whole tree. ;)

It sure looks like you had a good time. That little car/tractor that Levi is on looks like fun. Was just talking about those the other day...wondering if parents by them in hopes that their kids will run away. hahaha...yeah, the thought came from a friend of ours' adventure. They have one for each kid...and, one day, she looked out her window, and there was Jay riding right down the center of the "big" street. Thankfully, they live in the country, but still talk about heart stopping.

Okay, so, I am procrastinating, but I have so enjoyed your pictures. Better get to work. Hugs to you, t