Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Waverly Hillbillies

either the Waverly Hillbillies or those guerillas that held Patty Hearst hostage so many years ago...ya know, the magazine heiress in those famous pix, with her big ol' gun and swell beret...now I've got to find those pix!

Beck, check out Levi's hand...he's doing his famous binocular pose.

Not to imply anything...maybe just the Hillbilly part...
I just thought it funny how they looked in the group picture...
It is so chilly here today.
But Levi wanted to get out and enjoy his new Jeep. or should I say Artic Cat or is it Arctic Cat..I need to check that.
My main thought this evening is just how richly blessed David and I are...these kids, in spite of their idiosyncracies (and ours too), are just awesome. Guys, remember this. don't remember the fights, tussles, arguments, annoyances that we are dealing with right now...
Remember that your dad and I love you. and so does the rest of your family.
We are so blessed and I praise God for putting you FIVE wonders in my life.
words I really need to dwell on at this point in my life (when I typed that, I forgot the "o" in point...so it said pint...and I'm thinking, "If I was a drinkin' woman, a pint of Jack Daniels would be nice right about now...")
thank you. you know who you are.

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Tory said...

Gotta love those little hoodlums! ;) Seriously, they are very clever, and they each have their own way that can make me smile for five different little reasons. Hugs to ya'll, t